Partizan, Jug and Jadran retain national cups

Partizan won its 26th national cup Photo:

Clubs that compete in the Regional League played at final tournaments in national cups. Jug (Croatia), Partizan (Serbia) and Jadran (Montenegro) retain trophies in their respective national cups.


Partizan entered the season with the youngest team in its history. It wasn’t the strongest favourite at the Final Four of the Cup of Serbia, held in Becej. In predictions, Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) had a little advantage.

Partizan and Red Star met already in the semifinals. In the first half, the rivals were on equal terms for most of the time. At halftime, the score was 3:3. But, after the big break, Partizan water polo players dominated. They netted six goals in a row in a span of ten minutes and jumped to a 9:3 lead (5:30 before the end). Partizan played excellently in defence and held Red Star scoreless for 15 minutes. Stojanovic scored for 9:4 in the 28th minute when it was too late Partizan won 11:6.

In the second semifinal, Sabac defeated Nais from Nis in a penalty shoot-out – 10:9 (7:7 after the 32 minutes).

Most of the water polo fans expected that Partizan wouldn’t have a hard task against Sabac in the final game. But, predictions again didn’t come true. It was a hard battle, with twists and turns (Partizan led 1:0, 2:1, while Sabac had a 3:2 advantage). In the first attack in the last quarter, Filip Jankovic (Partizan) hit the back of the net for a 5:3 lead. This goal proved vital, Partizan had a 2-goal lead once more (6:4). Sabac scored its 5th goal (0:19 on the clock), but the team from Belgrade kept the ball an the victory in the remaining time – 6:5.

Partizan clinched its 26th national cup (17 in Yugoslavia and 9 in Serbia).

Final Four, Becej


Partizan 6:5 Sabac
(1:0, 1:2, 2:2, 2:1)

Partizan: F. Jankovic,Lukic, Lazic, Tomic, Radanovic, Vucinic.
Sabac: N. Markovic 4, Petrovski.


Partizan 11:5 Red Star
(2:1, 1:2, 4:0, 4:2)

Partizan: Lazic 2, Tomic 2, Radonjic 2, M. Jankovic, Andrejevic, Aksentijevic, Vucinic, Manojlovic.
Red Star: Tankosic 2, Njegovan, Stojanovic, Asanovic.

Sabac 10:9 Nais
(2:1, 1:1, 1:2, 3:3 – 3:2)

Sabac: Repanovic 3, Velkic 2, N. Markovic, Trkulja, Tenzera (1 penalty), Petrovski (1), Meskhi (1).
Nais: M. Petrovic 4, Bolovic 3, Zivic (1), SIlj (1)


Jug Dubrovnik

Jug Dubrovnik Photo: to enlarge)

There was no drama at the Final Four of the Cup of Croatia. The tournament was held Zagreb.

Jug was too strong for its opponents. 2017 Champions League runner-up demolished POSK in the semifinals (18:6). In the final game, the players from Dubrovnik faced Jadran Split, which beat Mornar in a thrilling semifinal match (9:7). Jadran surprised Jug in the opening minutes of the final and led 1:0 after the first quarter. In the second period, Jug water polo ruled the field. They netted four unanswered goals for a 4:1 lead at halftime. They demolished Jadran in the third and the fourth period and defeated it 11:4.

This is the 13th Cup of Croatia that Jug won in its history (Jug was the best twice in Yugoslavian Cup).

Final four, Zagreb


Jug 11:4 Jadran S
(0:1, 4:0, 3:1, 4:2)

Jug CO: Fatovic 3, Jokovic 3, Loncar, Garcia, Renzuto-Iodice, Zuvela, Benic.
Jadran Split: Viskovic 2, Buzdovancic, Power.


Jug 18:6 POSK
(5:1, 5:2, 6:2, 2:1)

Jug CO: Fatovic 2, Loncar 2, Jokovic 2, Garcia 2, V. Rasovic 2, Renzuto 2, Lozina 2, Macan, Ivankovic, Pavlicevic, Benic.
POSK: Bego, Begovic, Vukic, Elez, Delic, K. Butic.

Mornar 7:9 Jadran S
(1:2, 3:3, 1:2, 2:2)

Mornar BS: Goreta 3, R. Buric 2, Cagalj, I. Zivkovic.
Jadran Split: Krapic 2, Marelja 2, Kragic, Z. Butic, Viskovic, Milradovic, Buselic.


Jadran Marko PPetkovic

Jadran captain Marko Petkovic Photo: (click to enlarge)

The final match of the Cup of Montenegro,  which was played in Niksic, saw an encounter between Jadran and Budva. Jadran controlled the match from the 1st minute and earned a solid 7:3 lead at halftime. The four-goal advantage Herceg Novi based team maintained till the final buzzer (12:8).

In the semifinals, Jadran beat its archrival from the Bay of Kotor – Primorac Kotor (12:8), while Budva was better than Cattaro (9:7).

Jadran won its 9th trophy in the Cup of Montenegro (7th in a row). It won three national cups in Yugoslavia.

Final Four, Niksic


Jadran HN 12:8 Budva
(4:2, 3:1, 4:4, 1:1)

Jadran Herceg Novi:Dj. Radovic 4, Gardasevic 2, Merkulov 2, Ukropina 2, Krijestorac, Draskovic.
Budva; S. Vuksanovic 4, S. Cetkovic, Porobic, Vujasevic, P. Cetkovic.


Budva 9:7 Cattaro
(1:0, 4:3, 1:2, 3:2)

Budva: S. Vuksanovic 3, S. Cetkovic 2, N. Popovic 1, B. Popovic 1, Franeta.
Cattaro; Milas 2, Doncic 2, Vuskovic 2, Perkovic.

Jadran HN 12:8 Primorac
(1:3, 4:2, 5:1, 2:2)

Jadran: Merkulov 3, Draskovic 3, Ukropina 2, M.Petkovic, B. Banicevic , Gardasevic, Dj. Radovic,
Primorac: Latinovic 3, Vukasinovic 2, Gluhajic 2, A. Petrovic .

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