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Partizan and Jadran tied, Jug merciless again

Dimitrije Risticevic (Partizan) Photo: Vladimir Markovic

An exciting encounter between the champions of Montenegro and Serbia in Herceg Novi, where Jadran hosted Partizan, was the highlight of the 6th round of the A1 Regional League. The round offered a flood of goals, most of the favourites collected points with an ease.

Partizan left behind the bad memories of the previous match in Montenegro (loss in Budva last week – 5:10) and earned a point in the encounter with Jadran Herceg Novi, but the Serbs weren’t far from a victory.

Jadran water polo players, the favourites in this match, started very well. They controlled everything in the pool till the third period (they were 5:2 up early in the third quarter). Partizan came back strong and scored five goals in a row to stun the hosts and for a 2-goal lead (7:5 in the middle of the fourth). Dragan Draskovic hit twice in a span of 42 seconds to equalise – 7:7 (1:09 on the clock).

Jadran had the last attack in the match, with an extra player, but Partizan successfully resisted and a big battle ended in a tie – 7:7. Dimitrije Risticevic, the goalkeeper of the visiting team, was outstanding, with three saves in the last 14 seconds (15 saves in a total). Jadran had nine attacks with an extra player in the match, but it converted none of these.

Mornar caught up Partizan in points, beating Budva in Split. After a scoreless first period, Mornar rushed to a 3:0 lead in the finish of the second quarter. Budva managed to reduce the gap to one, three times (3:2, 4:3 and 5:4). In the middle of the fourth, Marino Cagalj netted his 5th goal of the evening for a new 2-goal lead (6:4). In the remaining period, both teams had nice chances, but goalkeepers Duzevic (Mornar) and Kralj (Budva) showed one save after the other and Mornar won 6:4.

The other matches of the round were less balanced.

Title-holder Jug continued its winning streak. It blew away POSK in Dubrovnik. It was only 3:2 after the first period. Then Jug produced a 9:0 run and jumped to 12:2 in the middle of the third period. The hosts, led by Jokovic and Fatovic (both scored 4 goals) recorded a 19:6 win.

Mladost defeated Primorac in a flood of goals in Kotor. The Croats quickly earned a 4:0 lead. The hosts recovered after that, they came close a few times (2:4, 3:5, 6:8), but they weren’t able to go ahead. Mladost water polo players controlled the match and their win never was in danger. A minute before the end Mladost led 16:10. The side from Kotor scored two goals until the end, for the final score 12:16. Luka Bukic (Mladost) was the top scorer with five goals. He holds the top spot on the scorers’ list with 17 goals. Maro Jokovic (Jug) is in the second place (13).

Jadran Split demolished Primorje. The first half decided the outcome. Jadran had a 7:1 lead at halftime. In the middle of the fourth, the hosts were 10:2 up. They maintained a big advantage and won 14:5.
In A2 group, Red Star was merciless again. As the guest, the team from Belgrade beat Zadar 15:8. Red Star achieved the 6th victory in thr 6th match in the season.

A1 Regional League, 6th round

Partizan 7:7 Jadran HN
(2:1, 2:1, 1:3, 2:2)

Jadran Carine Herceg Novi: Ukropina 3, Draskovic 2, Popadic, Krijestorac
Partizan Raiffeisen: Radanovic 2, Lukic, Tomic, M. Jankovic, Aksentijevic, Vucinic.

Mornar 6:4 Budva
(0:0, 3:1, 1:2, 2:1)

Mornar Brodospas: Cagalj 5, Duzevic.
Budva: Vuksanovic, Vujasevic, B. Popovic, S. Cetkovic.

Jug 19:6 POSK
(3:2, 6:0, 8:1, 2:3)

Jug CO: Fatovic 4, Jokovic 4, Loncar 2, Renzuto 2, Lozina 2, Macan, Garcia, Ivankovic, Krzic, Zuvela.
POSK: Butic 3, Borovcic Kurir 2, Divkovic.

Primorac 12:16 Mladost
(1:4, 3:4, 4:6, 4:2)

Primorac: Crepulja 3, Petrovic 3, Gluhaic 2, Gopcevic 2, Matkovic, Grgurevic.
Mladost: Bukic 5, Radu 2, Zovic 2, Markovic , Paskvalin 2, Vlahovic, Lazic, Basic.

Jadran S 14:5 Primorje
(4.1, 3:0, 4:3, 3:1)

Jadran Spit: Viskovic 4, Milradovic 3, Marinic Kragic 2, Power 2, Pejkovic, Marelja, Buzdovancic.
Primorje: Paparic 2, Cunko, Brubnjak, Tkac.

1.Jug (Croatia) 6 – 18
2. HAVK Mladost (Croatia) 6 – 15
3. Jadran Herceg Novi (Montenegro) 6 – 13
4. Partizan (Serbia) 6-10
5. Mornar (Croatia) 6 – 10
6. OVK POSK (Croatia) 6 – 7
7. Jadran Split (Croatia) 6 – 6
8. Primorje (Croatia) 6 – 3
9. Primorac (Montenegro) 6 – 3
10. Budva (Montenegro) 6 – 3

Red Star with no mistake in A2 group


In the A2 group, Red Star was merciless again. As the guest, the team from Belgrade beat Zadar 15:8. Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) achieved the 6th victory in the 6th match this season. The clubs from Serbia dominate the A2 group, they hold first five places.

6th round
Zadar 1952 – Crvena Zvezda 8:15
Solaris – Cattaro 7:8
Sabac – Nais 15:6
Valjevo Gorenje– Medvescak 14:9

1.Crvena Zvezda (Serbia) 6 – 18
2.Vojvodina (Serbia) 5 – 12
3.Sabac (Serbia) 5 – 12
4.Valjevo (Serbia) 5 – 12
5.Nais (Serbia) 6 – 7
7.Medvescak (Croatia) 5 – 4
8.Solaris (Croatia) 5 – 0
9.Zadar 1952 (Croatia) 5 – 0

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