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OSC wins big derby, Prlainovic and Aleksic leave Szolnok

Krisztian Manhercz Photo: OSC Waterpolo/ Facebook

The first big derby in the Hungarian Championship in 2019 was a clash between OSC and Szolnok. OSC recorded a narrow win and maintained a perfect record in Group B (12 victories in as many games). The best teams of Group A – Eger and Ferencvaros continued their winning streaks.

Group B

The match OSC vs. Szolnok was played in Budapest. OSC, the home team, stunned Szolnok with an outstanding opening of the game. The Budapest-based team jumped to a 5:0 lead in the 12th minute. Only one of these five goals wasn’t scored by Krisztian Manhercz. Szolnok was able to come back. Prlainovic found the net twice, Zalnaki added a goal and the visitors trailed 3:5 in the 15th minute. A second before the end of the 2nd quarter Manhercz scored his 5th goal by converting a man-up . OSC was 6:3 up at halftime.

Szolnok reduced the gap twice in the third quarter (4:6 and 5:7), but OSC entered the last period with a 3-goal advantage (8:5). The visitors kept OSC scoreless in the 4th quarter and they came close (7:8) 2:02 minutes from the end. OSC managed to keep a minimal advantage. Szolnok had the last opportunity. OSC’s goalie Branislav Mitrovic stopped the shot from Jansik with three seconds to go and the hosts kept all three points (8:7).

Prlainovic and Aleksic move to Russia

The period for transfers is still far away, but Szolnok management and a coach Zivko Gocic must prepare themselves for composing a new team, because two key players will leave the club after the season. The Serbs Andrija Prlainovic and Milan Aleksic confirmed that thay would leave Szolnok. They will sign the 2-year contracts with Dynamo Moscow. Foreign players in Dynamo in this , as in previous, season are three Serbs Dusko Pijetlovic, Nikola Radjen, and Gavril Subotic. According to the latest information, Radjen and Subotic will leave Dynamo, so Prlainovic and Aleksic will join Pijetlovic. The three players won the 2011 Champions League as members of Partizan . Prlainovic Pijetlovic the Champions League trophies in the next two seasons playing together for Pro Recco (in 2012) and Crvena Zvezda (2013) .

Vasas lost its last hope to reach the 4th place and a spot in the Top 8 group. Vasas was defeated by last-placed Kaposvar. The game, played in Budapest, offered a plenty of twists and turns. Four minutes before the end, Kaposvar led 12:11. The visitors scored three goals in a span of 1:26 minutes and increased their lead to 15:11. There was no way back for Vasas (12:15).

UVSE defeated Tatabanya in a close game – 8:7. UVSE took all three points by scoring a winning goal 28 seconds from time.

Miskolc, led by centre-forward Sasa Misic (5 goals) beat Debrecen (12:8) and caught Szolnok in points.

Group A

Hungarian champion Ferencvaros defeated BVSC, which managed to keep with the big favorite for a while. The rivals were tied early in the third quarter (5:5). By the middle of the fourth period, Ferencvaros produced a 4:0 series for a 9:5 lead and secured a victory (11:6),

The most interesting match of the day in Group B was an encounter between Honved and Eger. Honved, the home team, played better than Eger in the first two quarters. Honved had a 4:3 advantage at halftime. Eger netted three goals in a row to gain a 2-goal lead (6:4) in the 21st minute. The hosts came close (6:7) 1:15 minute from the last break, but Eger didn’t let them go further. The visitors jumped to a 10:7 lead with 2:18 remaining on the clock and everything was decided. Eger won 10:8.

PVSK Pecs trashed AVUS (18:7), while Szentes had no big troubles in the match against last-placed KSI – 10:7.

Hungarian Championship 2018/19, round 12

Group A

Honved 8:10 Eger
(3:2, 1:1, 2:5, 2:2)

Honved: Szivos 2, Z. Juhasz 2, G. Kiss, Illes,A. Kardos, Sziranyi
Eger: Vlahopulos 3, Gyarfas 2, Hosnyanszky 2, A. Decker, S. Rasovic, Murisic.

KSI 7:10 Szentes
(2:5, 2:3, 2:1, 1:1)

KSI.: Bobis 6, Schmolcz.
Szentes: M. Nagy 2, F. Pellei 2, Voros 2, K. Kiss, B. Somogyi, Kuzmenko, Krisopatis.

BVSC 6:11 Ferencvaros
(1:3, 2:2, 2:2, 1:4)

BVSC: Torok 2, M. Pasztor 2, Lajko, P. Kovacs
Ferencvaros Telekom. Mitrovic 3, Younger 2, Kallay, Pohl, Vamos, T. Nemet, Nikic, Jaksic.

(6:1, 4:1, 4:2, 4:3)

PVSK E. Csacsovszky 4, Rakonjac 3, M. Csaba, Zerinvary, Opacak, A. Csacsovszky, Chilko, Krizsan, Palotas, Mijic.
AVUS: Hajmasi 3, CS. Kiss, Baj, Polovic, Basara.

1 Ferencvaros 12 – 36
2 Eger 12 – 33
3 Honved 12 – 19
4 BVSC 12 – 19
5 PVSK 12 – 16
6 Szentes 12 – 13
7 AVUS 12 – 6
8 KSI 12 – 0

Group B

OSC 8:7 Szolnok
(3:0, 3:3, 2:2, 0:2)

OSC: K. Manhercz 5, M. Toth 2, Randjelovic.
Szolnok: Zalanki 2, Prlainovic 2, Batori, Szatmari, V. Rasovic.

Vasas 12:15 Kaposvar
(3:3, 6:4, 1:4, 2:4)

Vasas: Halek 4, Selley-Rauscher 2, Bencz, G. Hegedus, Simon Vogel, Matyok, L. Miklos, B. Takacs
Kaposvar: Dobos 4, Giga 3, Vindisch 2, Z. Varga II 2, Juhasz-Szelei, K. Toth, A. Lukacs, Pataki

UVSE 8:7 Tatabanya
(2:3, 3:2, 1:1, 2:1)

UVSE: B. Baksa 2, Korenyi, D. Dala, Konarik, Sziladi, T. Somogyi, Vigvari.
Tatabanya: Kereszturi 2, Hoppal, Kolozsi, B. Kalanovics, A. Szentesi, Korban.

Miskolc 12:8 Debrecen
(4:3, 4:2, 3:2, 1:1)

Miskolc: Misic 5, Bedo 2, Milicic 2, Lorincz, A. Nagy, Bowen.
DVSE Debrecen: Dory 2, Gyurik 2, Vidovic 2, Gabor Kovacs, G. Fekete.

1 OSC 12 – 36
2 Szolnok 12 – 30
3 Miskolc 12 – 30
4 Debrecen 12 – 15
5 UVSE 12 – 12
6 Vasas 12 – 8
7 Tatabanya 12 – 7
​8 Kaposvar 12 – 4


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