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OSC, Marseille, Ortigia, and Primorac are in the quarters of LEN Euro Cup!

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OSC Budapest and CN Marseille water polo clubs dominated the second qualifying round tournaments of the LEN Euro Cup and they secured their places in the quarterfinals. Italian Ortigia and Primorac from Montenegro will also play in the last eight of the competition.

OSC won a tournament which was held in the historical Sicilian city of Syracuse. The Budapest team won all three games. The easily recorded the wins against Croatian team of Mornar from Split and Spanish water polo club Barcelona.

The derby game was played on Day 3 of the competition against the home team of Ortigia, and the Hungarians won 14:8. OSC started well, Krisztian Manhercz’s hattrick and Balázs Erdélyi and Drasko Brguljan’s goals gave OSC a 5:1 already after the first quarter.

Ortigia answered with style and won the second quarter 4:1 to give the home fans something to hope for. However, in the third period of the game Lajos Vad’s team stepped not one, but two gears up. Brguljan and Seman Lukas both scored twice, Balázs Erdélyi and Balázs Hárai also found themselves on the scoring sheet.

OSC didn’t concede a goal in the third quarter, and after this period the Hungarian team got to a gigantic 12:5 lead. At that moment everything was very clear and Ortigia found a place in the quarterfinal thanks to two wins against Barcelona and Mornar.

It was a real drama against Mornar, but Ortigia won 10:9 thanks to an Albert Espanol’s goal four seconds before the end of the game.

In the second qualifying tournament, Marseille water polo club used the fact that it was hosting it and, like OSC, won all three games. The French team had relatively easy tasks against BVSC from Budapest and Croatian team Primorje from Rijeka.

It was tougher in the game with Primorac from Montenegrin town of Kotor, but Marseille won 10:7. This match was played on Day 2 and in the first half, Primorac was a good opponent. But, in the third quarter Marseille scored three and conceded no goals and in that way opened the door to victory.

Primorac secured a second place in the group and progressed to the quarterfinals thanks to victories against BVSC and Primorje.

Euro Cup

Qualification Round 2

Day 1
Mornar – OSC 3:14
BVSC – Primorac 6:9
Barcelona – Ortigia 6:9
Marseille – Primorje 14:6

Day 2
OSC – Barcelona 13:6
Marseille – Primorac 10:7
Ortigia – Mornar 10:9
Primorje – BVSC 7:12

Day 3
Barcelona – Mornar 11:8
Primorac – Primorje 16:11
Ortigia – OSC 8:14
Marseille – BVSC 12:6


Group F

1. OSC Budapest 3 games – 9 pts
2. Ortigia 3 – 6
3. Barcelona 3 – 3
4. Mornar Spli 3 – 0

Group F

1. CN Marseille 3 – 9
2. Primorac 3 – 6
3. BVSC 3 – 3
4. Primorje 3 – 0

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