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OSC fights back, Szolnoki didn’t survive drama in Budapest

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OSC water polo club struck back against Szolnoki. Budapest won tonight 7:6 and that means they will return to Szolnoki and play another game in which it will decide who is going to play against OSC in the big final of Hungarian championships.

Hero of the night is Bence Batori who scored the winning goal just 21 seconds before the end of the game.

Szolnoki started well and took the lead after Andrija Prlainovic found the net. But, later it turned out to be the only lead visitors had in this game. Ferenc Salomon answered with two quick goals and OSC had an advantage. Prlainovic once again scored for the visitors, while Gabor Kovacs gave another lead (3:2) to OSC two minute before the end of the first half.

The home team controlled the game well in the third period. Slobodan Nikic, Lucas Seman, and Gergo Zalanki gave OSC a huge three-goal advantage (6:3) and at that moment it seemed that this game is over. Szolnoki, however, refused to surrender. Prlainovic gave a glimmer of hope, Gabor Kiss continued the same way and Denes Varga equalized two minutes before the end in which Batori turned out to be a real hero.

The decisive game will be played in Szolnoki next Saturday.

BVSC and Miskolci will fight for a place in LEN Euro Cup

Another team from Budapest, BVSC also had success tonight as they beat visiting Szeged 14-9 and will definitely play for place number five and LEN Euro Cup competition next season. And their rival in that fight will be Miskolci after another win against Vasas – 16:13.

BVSC got a victory easier than it was expected. Already before the half-time, the home team had a five goals advantage (7:2) and their defense really looked solid. At the beginning of the third quarter, Szeged managed to cut the deficit to three goals (8:5). But BVSC never lost control. Not even six minutes before the end when Sandor Iles scored and got Szeged back into the game (10:8). Miklos Csapo, Krisztian Letay and Ferenc Ambrus „closed“ this water polo game and defended a victory.

Miskolci water polo player demonstrated some power in the first half of the game in Budapest against Vasas. They won the first quarter 5-1 and that kind of performance was obviously a real shock to Vasas fans and players. They never managed to come back into the game. It seemed maybe, just maybe, things could heat up before the end of the third quarter when Adam Steinmetz cut Vasas deficit to three goals (11:8). But, it was not meant to be for Vasas tonight. Sasa Misic and Viktor Vadovics answered straight away for Miskolci who can now prepare for the duel against BVSC.

Wednesday, April 19

OSC – Szolnoki 7-6 (2-1, 1-1, 3-2, 1-2)
OSC: Salamon 2, Batori, Zalanki, Kovacs, Seman, Nikic
Szolnoki: Prlainovic 3, Varga 2, Kis

5th – 8th places

BVSC – Szeged 14-9 (4-2, 4-2, 2-3, 4-2)
BVSC: Ambrus 2, Matyok 2, Csapo 2, Letay 2, Kovacs, Szabo, Varnai, Czigany, Pasztor, Sugar
Szeged: Chilko 2, Illes 2, Manhercz 2, Kiss, Santa, Pellei

Vasas – Miskolci 13-16 (1-5, 2-4, 5-3, 5-4)
Vasas: Marnitz 5, Babay 2, Bobis 2, Burian 2, Stenimetz 2
Miskolci: Halek 4, Misic 4, Vadovics 2, Boven 2, Hornyak, Jakab, Miklos, Lukacs

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