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Ortigia earnes a point in Naples, Sport Management and Brescia conquer Rome

Boris Vapenski (Ortigia) scored crucial goals in Naples Photo: CC Ortigia Facebook

In the 9th round of the 100th Serie A, the best Italian clubs,Pro Recco , Brescia, and Sport Management beat their respective rivals with ease. But, some of the matches in the round saw a lot of excitements and comebacks.

Posillipo and Ortigia shared the points in the match played in Naples. The spectators watched a low-scoring match with just 10 goals. Posillipo jumped to a 3:0 lead in the 10th minute. The visiting team started climbing back step-by-step. The hosts had a 2-goals lead (5:3) in the 26th minute. In the remaining time, came a double from Boris Vapenski , who secured a point for Ortigia (5:5).
Catania froze Savona. The Sicilians convincingly beat Savona, because they played excellent in defense. Savona managed to find the net just three times. Catania had a 6:1 lead early in the third quarter and controlled the game until the end for a 9:3 win.

Pro Recco taught  Florentia a lesson, with a 20:6 win. Recco’s goalie Marko Bijac, the best European player of 2017 by LEN Magazine, is still injured, so Massaro was in front of the team from Genoa. An experienced Stefano Tempesti didn’t enter into the water. The top scorers were Francesco di Fulvio and a captain Aleksandar Ivovic (4 goals each).
Brescia visited Rome to face Roma Nuoto. The favorites did a damage in the first half. Brescia had a 6:0 lead at halftime. The visitors added one goal early in the third period for 7:0. Brescia slowed down after that. The third and the fourth quarter were balanced and the visitors posted a 13:7 win.

Sport Management also “conquered” Rome. It played against Lazio. The visitors scored seven goals before Lazio managed to hit the back of the net for the first time deep into the second quarter. By the middle of the third period, Sport Management built an 11:4 lead and maintained the gap until the last buzzer (15:8). Stefano Luongo led Sport Management with four goals.

Canottieri took all three points in Trieste. The Naples-based team led throughout the match. Canottieri had a nice 5-goal advantage (8:3) in the 20th minute. Trieste tried to come back, the hosts reduced the gap to one (9:10) with 62 seconds remaining on the clock. But, it was too late. Nobody could find the net in the last minute and Canottieri posted its third win this season. More than a half of goals in the match were scored by just three players: Marek Tkac (5) and Djordje Tanaskovic (3) were the best scorers in Canottieri, while Mezzaroba netted 4 goals for Trieste.

Bogliasco Bene has remained the only winless team, despite it had a nice chance to take at least a point in the 9th round. Bogliasco hosted Iren Quinto, which had a slim lead after a flood of goals in the first quarter (5:4 for Quinto). Before the last period, the score was 8:8. The rivals were still tied in the middle of the last quarter (9:9). The man of the match, a Dutch Robin Lindhout decided everything by scoring two goals in the last four minutes for Quinto’s 11:9 victory.

Italian Serie A 2018/19, Round 9


Pro Recco 20:6 Florentia
(4:1, 5:1, 6:2, 5:2)

Pro Recco: F. Di Fulvio 4, Ivovic 4, Mandic 3, Velotto 3, Bukic, Aicardi, Echenique, Bodegas, N. Gitto.
Florentia: Tomasic 2, A. Di Fulvio 2, Bini, F. Turchini.

Roma 7:13 Brescia
(0:2, 0:4, 4:4, 3:3)

Roma: S. Camilleri 4, De Santis, Spione, Ciotti.
Brescia: Muslim 4, Rizzo 2, N. Presciutti, C. Presciutti, Guerrato, Gallo, Janovic.

Lazio 8:15 Sport Management
(0:3, 3:4, 3:5, 2:3)

Lazio:Narciso 2, Sebastiani 2, Vitale, Giorgi, Canella, Maddulano.
Sport Management: S. Luongo 4, Dolce 3, Damonte 3, Fondelli 2, Bruni, C. Mirarchi, Alesiani.

Posillipo 5:5 Ortigia
(2:0, 2:2, 0:0, 1:3)

Posillipo: Saccoia, Manzi, Papakos, G. Di Martire, M. Di Martire.
Ortigia: Espanol 2, Vapenski 2, Di Luciano.

Roma Nuoto 7:13 Brescia
(0:2, 0:4, 4:4, 3:3)

Roma:S. Camilleri 4, Ciotti, De Santis, Spione.
Brescia: Muslim 4, Figlioli 2, C. Presciutti, N. Presciutti, Janovic, Gueratto

Catania 9:3 Savona
(3:1, 2:0, 2:1, 2:1)

Catania: G. Torrisi 3, Scebba 2, Kacar 2,Jankovic, Cuccovillo.
Savona: Boggiano, Vuskovic, Grossi.

Trieste 9:10 Canottieri
(2:3, 1:3, 3:3, 3:1)

Trieste: Mezzarobba 4, Petronio 2, Panerai 2, Vico.
Canottieri: Marek Tkac 5, Tanaskovic 3, Borelli, Campopiano.

Bogliasco 9:11 Quinto
(4:5, 1:1, 3:2, 1:3)

Bogliasco: Monari 3, Lanzoni 3, Fracas, Gambacorta, Ravina.
Ortigia: Lindhout 5, M. Gitto 2, Vavic 2, Paunovic, F. Brambilla.


1 Brescia 9 – 27
2 Pro Recco 9 – 24
3 Sport Management 9 – 21
4 Posillipo 9 – 17
5 Florentia 9 – 15
6 Ortigia 9 – 13
7 Roma 9 – 12
8 Iren Quinto 9 – 12
9 Savona 9 – 10
10 Lazio 9 – 10
11 Canottieri 9 – 9
12 Trieste 9 – 9
13 Catania 0 – 6
14 Bogliasco 9 – 1

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