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Olympiacos water polo players hold off Vouliagmeni for their 5th consecutive title

Olympiacos water polo players celebrating title

Greek A1 Water Polo League Finals are over and the reigning champion Olympiacos managed to keep the title after winning all three games against Vouliagmeni. This year’s title is their 5th in a row and the 31st in this water polo club’s history. Olympiacos also collected 124th consecutive win within the Greek competitions, since their last loss on May 8, 2013.

Elsewhere, Glyfada overpowered PAOK in a 3rd place match, while Panathinaikos defeated Palaio Faliro to win the 5th spot.

Olympiacos ended the regular season as top-ranked water polo team, while Vouliagmeni finished 2nd, so the final clash between these two came as no surprise. The two clubs advanced straight to the semifinals, where Olympiacos easily defeated PAOK, while Vouliagmeni overpowered Glyfada.

In the first match of the final series, played on May 3, Olympiacos collected an easy triumph over Vouliagmeni. After almost eight minutes of play, none of the teams managed to score, but Mourikis netted one for Olympiacos with two seconds left on the clock. Bouslie gave his team a two-goal lead in the second quarter. Kopeliadis brought down the deficit to one, but Espanyol found the net to make it 3-1 for Olympiacos at halftime. They stepped up their game and scored four goals in the third quarter making it harder for Vouliagmeni to overcome a five-goal difference. Kopeliadis and Solanakis reduced it to three in the final period, but the defense of Olympiacos was on point and their rival was helpless. Mylonakis scored the last one for his team to set the final result, 8-4.

On May 5, Olympiacos again defeated Vouliagmeni without difficulty and were just one victory away from the title. Olympiacos took a two-goal lead at the beginning of the Game 2 after Genidounias and Bouslie each scored their first goal. Afroudakis netted the only one for Vouliagmeni in the first quarter, and Fountoulis increased his squad’s advantage to two (1-3). Olympiacos stepped up their defense and went on a break with plus three (2-5). Vouliagmeni did not manage to strike back appropriately, as Olympiacos water polo players continued to dominate in the second half. They achieved a six-goal lead with no trouble and Vougliameni suffered another undoubted loss, 5-11. The game’s top scorer was Fountoulis with 4 goals.

Olympiacos water polo players accomplished the most convincing victory in the third match of the A1 League Finals. On May 8, they recorded a 12-3 win to celebrate their 31st title, 17th in the past 19 years. The beginning was the same as in the Game number 2. Olympiacos opened the match with two successive goals and kept the advantage by the end of the first quarter. Genidounias was the only scorer in the second period. Olympiacos thus increased their advantage leaving Vouliagmeni scoreless for 4-1 at halftime. The champions proved too strong in the second half netting eight goals. They allowed their opponents to score only one goal in each of the following quarters. Fountoulis again found the net four times and was the top scorer of the Finals with 10 goals in total.

Olympiacos water polo players could celebrate the double crown for the 16th time, if they win the Greek Water Polo Cup Finals scheduled for May 19-20. Their opponent in the semifinals will be PAOK, while Vouliagmeni will face Ethnikos. Olympiacos will also participate in the Champions League Final Six tournament on May 25-27 in Budapest.

Greek A1 Water Polo League
2017 Finals – Results

Game 1 (May 3)
Olympiacos vs. Vouliagmeni 8-4 (1-0, 2-1, 4-1, 1-2)
Olympiacos scorers: Mylonakis (2), Fountoulis (2), Bouslie (2), Mourikis (1), Espanyol (1)
Vouliagmeni scorers: Kopeliadis (2), Chrysospathis (1), Solanakis (1), Kourouvanis (1)

Game 2 (May 5)
Vouliagmeni vs. Olympiacos 11-5 (1-3, 1-2, 1-3, 2-3)
Vouliagmeni scorers: Kopeliadis (2), Delagrammatikas (1), Chrysospathis (1), Afroudakis (1)
Olympiacos scorers: Genidounias (2), Fountoulis (4), Bouslie (1), Ntoskas (1), Kolombos (1), Argyropoulos (2)

Game 3 (May 8)
Olympiacos vs. Vouliagmeni 12-3 (3-1, 1-0, 3-1, 5-1)
Olympiacos scorers: Mylonakis (2), Delakas (1), Genidounias (3), Fountoulis (4), Kolombos (1), Janovic (1)
Vouliagmeni scorers: Vitsou (2), Kapotsis (1)

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