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Olympiacos, Szolnok and Jug like a storm, Italians collect points in derby matches (VIDEO)

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The second round of the 2017/18 Champions League didn’t see surprises. Most of the favourites beat their respective rivals with an ease, but there were a few very thrilling encounters. The Italians collected all points in the derby matches in Brescia and in Eger.

A group

All eyes in Group A were on Brescia, where Brescia hosted Barceloneta. The home team led for most of the time, but the gap was never larger than one goal until the last period. In the fourth quarter, the Italians had a 2-goal lead two times (5:3, 6:4). After Perrone’s goal (01:19 on the clock), Barceloneta trailed 5:6, but Brescia managed to keep the lead and won 6:5.

Olympiacos convincingly defeated Dynamo Moscow (17:9) in Athens. Olympiacos, 2016 runner-up, was a favourite, but nobody expected so big margin, despite Dynamo is a newcomer in the Champions League.
The Greeks rushed to a 7:0 lead in the first quarter. The Russian team its first goals scored two seconds before the first break (7:1). The excellent first quarter proved vital in a win. The rest of the game was more balanced, but Dynamo was far from a turn. The greatest share in the win had Konstantinos Genidounias and Paolo Obradovic, who each scored 4 goals.

Champions League PR Day 2 Olympiacos – Dynamo

Champions League PR Day 2 HIGHLIGHTS – Olympiacos Piraeus 17 – 9 Dynamo Moscow #waterpolo #LENChampionsLeague Ватерпольный клуб "Динамо" Москва Olympiacos SFP

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After knocking down Brescia in the first round, Hannover was very close to a new surprise. The Germans clashed with OSC in Budapest. Hannover led 7:5 (03:09 before the last buzzer). OSC dominated in the last three minutes and with three goals in a row the home team came to an 8:7 victory. The 8th goal of OSC was scored in the last second, by Serbian Nemanja Ubovic. The best scorer in the match, with 4 goals, was Montenegrin Darko Brguljan (Hannover), while his brother Drasko netted three goals for OSC (two in the final period).

Runner-up in the 2016/17 season Jug didn’t let surprise in the match against the young team of Partizan in Dubrovnik. The Croats took a flying start and had a 5:0 lead in the 10th minute. Partizan didn’t give up, the visitors trailed 2:5 early in the 3rd quarter. But, Jug soon proved who the favourite is and ran to a 15:6 victory

B group

The highlight of the 2nd round in Group B was a rematch of the bronze medal match at last season’s Final Six. Pro Recco collected all three points in Eger, in a hard battle of two defences. The Italians controlled the game in the first half. They gained a 3-goal advantage in the 16th minute (5:2) and jumped to a 6:3 in the first attack in the 3rd period. Eger scored for 4:6 (05:02 before the last break). In the remaining 13 minutes, both sides weren’t able to score at least a goal. The top scorer of the game was Strahinja Rasovic. The 25-year-old Serb netted all four goals for Eger.

Champions League PR Day 2 – Eger – Pro Recco

Champions League PR Day 2 HIGHLIGHTS – ZF – EGER Vízilabda 4 – 6 Pro Recco Waterpolo 1913 #waterpolo #LENChampionsLeague Waterpolo-World Waterpolo24 Waterpolo

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Title-holder Szonlok didn’t have any mercy. The Hungarians convincingly beat Steaua Bucharest (15:3). Szolnok was 4:0 up after the first quarter. After the first break, Steaua recovered from the shock and maintained the margin from the first quarter till the end of the first half – 6:2. But, Szolnok dominated the second half of the match. The hosts, boosted by Milan Aleksic (4 goals this evening) scored eight consecutive goals and earned a 12-goal lead five minutes before the end (14:2). In the remaining time, both sides scored a goal each.

Spandau earned its first points in the season beating Sabadell (11:8) in Berlin. The Germans jumped to a 6:1 lead in the 11th minute. In the middle of the 3rd quarter, Spandau went to 8:3 up. After that, Sabadell started reducing its deficit step-by-step, but it wasn’t able to catch the rival. The Spaniards came close at the end when it was too late. Lopez Escribano scored for 10:8 with 0:19 remaining on the clock. Fifteen seconds later, Negrean netted for the final score – 11:8.

As expected, Jadran Herceg Novi beat AZC Alphen as a guest (14:7). The champion of Montenegro led 3:2 in the first period and after that, it held Alphen scoreless for 10 minutes and earned a 6:2 lead. By the end of the 3rd period Jadran, led by Russian Danil Merkulov and Aleksa Ukropina (5 goals each), jumped to a 10:4 lead, and there was no way back for the Dutch team.

2017/18 Champions League, 2nd round

Group A

Brescia 6:5 Barceloneta
(2:1, 1:2, 1:0, 2:2)

AN Brescia: Nora 2, Bertoli, Janovic, Vukcevic, Paskovic.
Barceloneta: Perrone 2, Vrlic, Larumbe, Mallarach.

OSC 8:7 Hannover
(2:2, 1:2, 2:1, 3:2)

OSC: Dr. Brguljan 3, Randjelovic 2, Ubovic 2, Salamon.
Waspo Hannover: Da. Brguljan 4, Radovic, Sekulic, Bukowski.

Olympiacos 17:9 Dynamo Moscow
(7:1, 5:3, 3:2, 2:3)

Olympiacos: Genidounias 4, Obradovic 4, Gounas 3, I. Fountulis 2, Mourukis 2, Nikolaidis, Mylonakis.
Dynamo: Bychov 3, Subotic 2, Nagaev 2, Radjen, Kholod.

Jug 16:5 Partizan
(3:0, 2:1, 6:2, 5:2)

Jug: Renzuto Iodice 4, Lozina 4, Fatovic 3, Ivanovic 2, Macan, Garcia, V.Rasović.
Partizan: Andrejevic 2, Kasum, Lazic, Vucinic.

1. OSC Budapest (Hungary) 2 – 6
2. Olympiacos (Greece) 2 – 4
3. Jug Dubrovnik (Croatia)2 – 3
4. Hannover (Germany) 2 – 3
5. Brescia (Italy) 2 – 3
6. Dynamo (Russia) 2 – 3
7. Barceloneta (Spain) 2 – 1
8. Partizan (Serbia) 2 – 0

Group B

Eger 4:6 Pro Recco
(1:3, 2:2, 1:1, 0:0)

Eger: S. Rasovic 4.
Pro Recco: Ivovic 2, Molina 2, Di Fulvio, Aicardi.

Szolnok 15:3 Steaua
(4:0, 2:2, 5:0, 4:1)

Szolnok: Aleksic 4, Zalnaki 3, Younger 2, Cuk 2, Gocic, Batori, Fulop, Jansik.
Steaua Bucharest: Dj. FIlipović, Chovieanu, Murisic.

Spandau 04 11:8 Sabadell
(4:1, 2:0, 3:4, 2:3)

Spandau 04: Ma. Cuk 3, Strelezkij 2, Negrean 2, Dedovic, Restovic, Pjesivac, Saudadier.
Sabadell: Carillo Gemar 2, Gorria Puga 2, Lopez Escribano 2, Muller, Gallego Vela.

AZC Alphen 7:14 Jadran Carine
(2:3, 0:2, 2:5, 3:4)

Alphen: M. Filipovic 3, Coric, De Mey, Ivosevic, Mandolini.
Jadran: Merkulov 5, Ukropina 5, Gardasevic 2, Petkovic 2, Krijestorac.

1. Szolnok (Hungary) 2 – 6
2. Pro Recco (Italy) 2 – 6
3. Jadran HN (Montenegro) 2 – 6
4. ZF Eger (Hungary) 2 – 3
5. Spandau o4 (Germany) 2 – 3
6. Steaua Bucharest (Romania) 2 – 0
7. Sabadell (Spain) 2 – 0
8. AZC Alphen (The Netherlands) 2 – 0

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