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Olympiacos dominates derby, three available tickets for F8 (VIDEO)

Two rounds before the end of the preliminary competition in the 2017/18 Champions League, five clubs secured their places at the Final Eight in Genoa Besides Pro Recco, which is automatically qualified, as a host, Olympiacos, Barceloneta, Eger and Szolnok booked their F8 tickets. Three clubs (Dynamo, Brescia, Jug) are on a hunt for two remaining F8 spots in Group A, while two clubs (Spandau 04 and Jadran) are eyeing the last ticket for F8 from Group B.

Group A

The game of the day in Athens turned into a one-sided match. Olympiacos convincingly defeated Brescia and cemented its first position in Group A. The Italians held on in the first quarter. The Greeks led 3:2 in the finish of the period. Just a second before the first break Konstantinos Genidounias scored from an extra and opened a fantastic 4:0 series of the home team. At halftime, Olympiacos was 7:2 up. Boosted by Genidounias (6 goals this evening), the Greeks continued domination, by building a seven-goal lead by the end of the third period (11:4) and maintained the big gap (13:6).

Champions League Preliminary Round – 12 –

Olympiacos SF PIRAEUS VS AN BRESCIA 13-6Highlights #lenchampionsleague #waterpolo

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After the disappointing performance in Athens, Brescia fell to the 5th place, behind Jug and Dynamo, which collected points in easy matches.

Dynamo taught a lesson to Partizan in Moscow. The Russians, led by Dmitrii Kholod, Igor Bychkov and a former player of Partizan Gavril Subotic (four goals each), broke the young side from Belgrade in the middle of the game. Partizan trailed by three goals (2:5) in the 10th minute. After that, Dynamo netted eight unanswered goals for a 13:2 lead early in the last quarter. The Russians won 14:6.

Jug played against Hannover at home. The duel of these rivals in Dubrovnik last season was one of the biggest upsets of the 2016/17 Champions League. Fourteen months ago, Jug secured a draw with Hannover (15:15), after it had been 7:11 down. This time, Jug controlled the game. Jug rushed to a 4:0 lead and it had a four-goal advantage at halftime (7:3), but in the third period, Hannover came close (10:8).The home team didn’t let the Germans go further, by scoring four goals in a row for a safe 14:8 lead with 02:45 remaining on the clock. Jug won 14:9.

Barceloneta booked its ticket for the Final Eight by beating OSC in Budapest. The Spaniards led throughout the encounter. Barceloneta earned a 4-goal advantage in the 24th minute (7:3). OSC tried to come back, it reduced the gap in the fourth period, but it was too late. Barceloneta posted an 8:6 win and kept the 2nd place in the group.

Group B

Szolnok took a revenge for the sensational loss to Spandau in Berlin in the 3rd round (9:10). Szolnok water polo players didn’t let themselves make a lot of mistakes today, but their win was in danger until the end. The title-holder led from the beginning, but in the first half the gap was never larger than one goal. In the third period, Szolnok doubled the advantage (5:3) for the first time.

The Hungarians had a two-goal lead deep into the last period (8:6). The Germans netted twice in a span of 1:38 minutes to equalise once more 190 seconds before the end. Serb Milan Aleksic put Szolnok in front again by converting a man-up for the final score (9:8). The visiting side had the last attack in the game, but Szolnok managed to keep all three points and secured the F8 spot.

Champions League Preliminary Round – 12 –

SZOLNOKI VSC VS Spandau BERLIN 04 9-8 Highlights #lenchampionsleague #waterpolo

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Eger firmly keeps the 2nd position in Group B. The Hungarian vice-champion had secured the F8 berth by beating Sabadell in the 11th round. Eger continued winning streak with a convincing victory over Jadran Herceg Novi at home. Eger’s defence did a great job. The home side was 5:1 up before Jadran scored its second goal in the 21st minute. The Montenegrins made the difference narrower twice (5:3 and 6:4). Eger ruined Jadran’s hopes with two fast goals in the middle of the 4th period for the final score 8:4.

Jadran water polo players still have slim chances to reach the Final Eight. They are 4 points behind 4th-placed Spandau 04, which will host the Montenegrins in the last round. But before the encounter in Berlin, they must beat last-placed AZC Alphen at home, while Sabadell, which is out of the race, have to defeat Spandau 04 in Spain.

Pro Recco almost secured the top spot in Group B. As expected, the Italians took all three points in Bucharest, but they didn’t have so easy task against Steaua. After the first eight minutes, Pro Recco led 3:2. It seemed that Steaua would trail by a goal at halftime, but 21 seconds from the end of the 2nd period, Di Fulvio netted for 4:6. Pro Recco added five more unanswered goals and went 11:4 up early in the last period ( Recco won 13:6).

AZC Alphen missed its (probably) last chance to take points in its debut in the Champions League. The Dutch team had a 10:7 lead in the middle of the third quarter of the match against Sabadell. The Spaniards climbed back and won in a flood of goals (16:14).

2017/18 Champions League, 12th round

Group A

Olympiacos 13:6 Brescia
(4:2, 3:0, 4:2, 2:2)

Olympiacos: Genidounias 6. Dervisis 2, Mylonakis, Fountoulis, Buslje, Mourikis, Gounas.
Brescia: Paskovic 2, C. Presciutti, Rizzo, N. Presciutti, Bertoli.

Dynamo 16:4 Partizan
(3:0, 4:2, 5:0, 4:2)

Dynamo Moscow: Subotic 4, Byckhov 4, Kholod 4, Nagaev 2, Lisunov, Pijetlovic.
Partizan: M. Jankovic, Manojlovic, Aksentijevic, F. Jankovic.

Jug 14:9 Hannover
(4:1, 3:2, 4:5, 3:1)

Jug: Jokovic 4, Fatovic 2, Renzuto Iodice 2, Benic 2, Macan, Loncar, Garcia, V. Rasovic.
Hannover: Real 3, A. Radovic 2, Da. Brguljan 2, Jokic, Ban.

OSC 6:8 Barceloneta
(1:4, 1:0, 1:3, 3:1)

OSC:Salamon 3, Dr. Brguljan, Randjelovic, Seman.
Barceloneta: Tahull 2, Mallarach 2, Granados, Munarriz, Vrlic, Fernandez.

1. Olympiacos (Greece) 12 – 31
2. Barceloneta (Spain) 12 – 27
3. Dynamo Moscow (Russia) 12 – 22
3. Jug Dubrovnik (Croatia) 12 – 22
5. Brescia (Italy) 12 – 20
6. Waspo Hannover (Germany) 12 – 9
7. OSC Budapest (Hungary) 12 – 7
8. Partizan (Serbia) 12- 0

13th round (28 April):Partizan – Jug, Hannover – OSC, Barceloneta – Brescia,Dynamo – Olympiacos.


Group B

Szolnok 9:8 Spandau 04
(3:2, 1:1, 2:2, 3:3)

Szolnok: G. Kis 3, Zalnaki 3, Aleksic, Younger, Mi. Cuk.
Spandau 04: Saudadier 2, Pjesivac, Gielen, Negrean, Stamm, Dedovic.

Eger 8:4 Jadran
(2:0, 2:1, 1:2, 3:1)

Eger: Hosnyanszsky 2, Kovacs 2, Angyal, S. Rasovic, Vlachopoulos, Bedo.
Jadran: Dj. Radovic 2, Merkulov, M. Petkovic.

Steaua 6:13 Pro Recco
(2:3, 2:3, 0:3, 2:4)

Steaua: Dj. Filipovic 3, Gheorhe 2, Delgado.
Pro Recco: Mandic 3, Di Fulvio 2, Alesiani 2, Ivovic 2, F. Filipovic, Molina, Bodegas.

AZC Alphen 14:16 Sabadell
(5:5, 3:1, 3:6, 3:4)

AZC Alphen: M. Filipovic 3, Mandolini 3, Miralis 3, Coric 2, Ivosevic, Van Mil, Indjic.
Sabadell: S. Cabanas Pegado 3, Carillo Gemar 2, Bustos Sanchez 2, Muller 2, Fenoy Valvedere 2, Carrasco Madridano 2, Gallego, V. Cabanas Pegado, Matoso.

1. Pro Recco (Italy) 12 – 33
2. Eger (Hungary) 12 – 28
3. Szolnok (Hungary) 12 – 24
4. Spandau 04 (Germany) 12 – 21
5. Jadran (Montenegro) 12 – 16
6. Steaua (Romania) 12 – 11
7. Sabadell (Spain) 12 – 9
8. AZC Alphen (Netherlands) 12 – 0

13th round(28 April): Pro Recco – Eger, Jadran – AZC Alphen, Sabadell – Spandau 04, Steaua – Szolnok

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