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Olympiakos defends the throne in Greece!

May 2018
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Olympiakos is still the dominating water polo force in Greece. Red and white from Piraeus won the fifth consecutive title in Greek championship after a home victory against Vouliagmeni – 8:5. And it was 3:0 for Olympiakos in the final series.

This was the 16th double for Piraeus club in history and overall 32nd trophy in a national championship.

Also, Olympiakos can now switch their focus to achieving a good result at LEN Champions League Final Eight tournament which is going to be held in Genoa.

Despite the fans expectations of another huge victory against Vouliagmeni the game was not that easy for the defending champions this time. Only in the second half, Olympiakos players proved why they were considered big favorites.

The visiting team had there backs at the wall and this was their last chance to show some character.

And they did in the first quarter. They surprised Olympiakos and with goals from Vikic and Kapotsis gave Vouliagmeni a serious lead. The home team found their first goal thanks to Mylonakis.

But, the visitors didn’t stop there Kapotsis was unstoppable at that moments and before the end of the first quarter, he found the net again to give his team a 3:1 advantage.


Olympiakos started to slowly wake up in the second quarter, but Thodoris Vlachos team still couldn’t find the right pace. On the other side of the swimming pool, Vouliagmeni used every single opportunity and Sartzetakis made it 4:1.

Only after that, Olympiacos started to play some serious water polo, offensively and defensively. And thanks to that kind of play, the hosts managed to cut the deficit to 4:3 by the end of the first half.

In the third quarter, it was only one team in the swimming pool – Olympiakos. The defending champion scored four goals and kept a clean sheet in those eight minutes. Obradovic, Gunas, and Mourikis all scored and this was the beginning of the end for Vouliagmeni.

The visitors did not have the strength to attempt to come back to the game. Obradovic scored one more time for Olympiakos and Kapotsis found the net for Vouliagmeni. And the celebration could begin in Piraeus.

(1-3, 2-1, 4-0, 1-1)

Olympiakos: Gounas 2, Obradovic 2, Mylonakis 1, Delakas 1, Geminavis 1, Mourikis 1,
Vouliagmeni: Kapotsis 3, Sartzetakis 1, Vasic 1

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