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No winner in all-Serbian battle

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There is nothing new at the top of the Regional league table after the 5th round. Mladost Zagreb holds top spot after another win over big rival. The highlight of the 5th round was Serbian derby which ended with no winner.

A big Serbian derby, a clash between Partizan and Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) turned into a big thriller. Partizan, the home team in this encounter, built a 3:1 advantage deep into the 1st quarter. From that point on, a difference between the teams was never larger than a goal. Red Star went ahead in the second quarter (5:4), but at halftime, the big rivals were tied (5:5). The teams were in a neck and neck race in the remaining 16 minutes. Everything was decided in the last three minutes. Red Star’s Stefan Ilic scored for 9:8 with 2:43 remaining on the clock. Partizan’s 37-years-old captain Milos Korolija responded with two goals in a span of 39 seconds and Partizan went ahead again (10:9). But, Ilic had the last word. He scored an equalizer 71 seconds from time for 10:10 and Red Star took its first point in the season.

Mladost Zagreb continued its winning streak defeating Jadran in Split. This was the first game in the pool in Split after a long and expensive renovation that cost $12,8 million. The first quarter saw only a goal. Mladost had a 1:0 lead after the 8th minute, but Jadran turned around a deficit to a 2:1 advantage early in the second period. Mladost soon took the control. The visiting side built a 5:3 goal lead by the end of the 2nd quarter, while it went 6:3 up in the third. Mladost maintained the advantage until the end and posted its 5th win in the Regional League this season (9:6).

Title-holder Jug had no headaches in Split. The Dubrovnik-based side faced Mornar. The visitors rushed to a 6:1 lead by the 11th minute. Mornar started climbing back a few minutes later. The hosts trailed 5:7 at halftime, but Jug didn’t let them go further. The reigning champion posted a 4-goal margin win (12:8).

POSK scored 11 goals in the match against Primorac, played in Split. Despite that fact, the hosts suffered a big loss. Two Primorac’s players netted 11 goals together (Ivankovic 6, Grgurevic 5) and they led the side from Kotor to a 20:11 win.

Jadran Herceg Novi did a clean job in a match against Sabac. The champions of Montenegro broke the rival in the middle of the encounter. Sabac was 4:6 down in the 15th minute. Jadran produced a 5:0 series by the last break, for a 7-goal lead (11:4), which they maintained until the end (13:6).

Regional League, Round  5

Partizan 10:10 Crvena Zvezda
(3:2, 2:3, 3:2, 2:3)

Partizan: Korolija 3, Adzic 2, Tomic, Andrejevic, Radanovic, Radonjic.
Crvena Zvezda: Sulci 3, Ilic 2, Tankosic, Maksimovic, Vasic, Boris Popovic I, M. Radovic.

Jadran S 6:9 Mladost
(0:1, 3:4, 2:2, 1:2)

Jadran Split: Delic 2, Zovic, Boris Popovic II, Power, Setka.

Mladost Zagreb: Cuk 3, A. Petkovic 2,Milos 2,Lazic, Kharkov.

Mornar 8:12 Jug
(1:4, 4:3, 1:3, 2:2)

Mornar: Duzevic 3, Buric 2, Calic, Zivkovic, Akrap…
Jug: Jokovic 3, Fatovic 2, Papanastasiou 2, Loncar, Garcia, Merkulov, Tomasovic, Benic.

POSK 11:20 Primorac
(3:5, 1:6, 3:6, 4:3)

POSK SPlit: Bebic 4, M. Divkovic 3, Ostojic, A. Divkovic, Gadza.
Primorac Kotor: Ivanovic 6, Grgurevic 5, Krijestorac 3, Petrovic 2, V. Draskovic 2, Crepulja, Vishnyakov.

Jadran HN 13:6 Sabac
(3:1, 4:3, 4:0, 2:2)

Jadran Herceg Novi: Spajic 4, D. Draskovic 3, Mijuskovic 2, Gardasevic 2, Popadic, Obradovic.
Sabac: M. Jankovic 2, N. Markovic, Veljkic, Rogac, Vucinic.

1. Mladost (CRO) 5 – 15
2. Jug DUbrovnik (CRO) 5 – 10
3. Jadran Split (CRO) 5 – 10
4. Jadran Herceg Novi (MNE) 5 – 9
5. Mornar (CRO) 5 – 9
6. Primorac (MNE) 5 – 6
7. Sabac (SRB) 5 – 6
8. Partizan (SRB) 5 – 4
9. POSK (CRO) 5 – 3
10. Crvena Zvezda (SRB) 5 – 1

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