LEN Europa Cup

The Netherlands wins Europa Cup for ladies

Photo: Federnuoto.it

FINA/LEN Europa Cup for Women was held this weekend in Turin (Italy). The Netherlands won the gold medal, by defeating Russia in the final game. Hungary beat Italy in the match for the bronze medal.

The top four teams advanced to the World League Final 8, which will be held in Budapest in June, including Italy, which, in spite of the defeat in the bronze medal game, will benefit from the fact that Hungary was already qualified as a host country.

The Netherlands’ Elisabeth Aarts and Russia’s Elvina Karimova were voted respectively the best goalkeeper and the best player of the tournament.

Europa Cup Final Six, Turin (March 29 – 30)


Netherlands 11:9 Russia
(2:1, 4:2 3:2, 2:4)

Netherlands: Megens 4, Wolves 3, Stomphorst 2, Van de Kraats 2.
Russia: Karimova 4, Bersneva, Prokofyeva, Gorbunova, Serzhantova, Timofeeva.

3rd/4th place: Hungary – Italy 13:11
5th/6th place: Greece – Spain 14:17

Russia-Hungary 15:14
Italy- Netherlands 11:17


Hungary-Greece 13:9
Spain-Netherlands 6:9

Final standings
1 Netherlands
2 Russia
3 Hungary
4 Italy
5 Spain
6 Greece

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