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Montenegro secures a place at the Super Final

April 2018čki-savez-Crne-Gore

Montenegrin water polo players have fulfilled their goal – they have defeated Romania with the needed goal difference in the final round of the group phase of the FINA World League and have secured their place in the final tournament, which will be held from 18th to 23rd of June.

The Sharks won 12:4 away, and to claim the top spot in the group they needed a triumph of at least six goals difference. And it was dense, especially in the first half.

The host led in that period, but Montenegro managed to overturned 2:1, and at the halftime, the away team had a minimal 4:3 lead.

The third sequel, however, showed an obvious difference in quality, so the players of Vladimir Gojkovic won this period 3:0 and took a big 7:3 lead. After that, it was all much easier for the Montenegrins.

Aleksandar Ivovic and Bogdan Đurdjic held the end of the game in the attack, scored a total of nine goals, six in the second half. Ivovic finished the match with six goals, Djurdjić added three, and Drasko Brguljan found the net twice.

Spain national team won in Pamplona after penalties against Hungary 15:13 (it was 10:10 after 32 minutes) but did not secure a place in the Final 8. Spaniards needed to beat Hungary with at least two goals difference. But still, they showed some good winning mentality and character.

Hungarians opened the game with a goal, but Spain quickly answered with three from Tahull, Granados, and Munarriz and took a 3:1 lead by the end of the quarter. In the second quarter the visitors were a better team and thanks to Martin Vamos, it was 4:4 before the big break.

Minguel and Mallarch gave the home team a solid 7:5 lead in the third period, but Hungarians quickly answered in the same way. The visiting team had an advantage in the last quarter, Jansik and Zalanki found the net, but Spain scored an equalizing goal 13 seconds before the end.

In the penalty shoot-out Zalanki did not convert in the third series, so the home fans had a good reason to celebrate.

The winner of the LEN Europa Cup, Croatia easily beat Germany 14:6 in Slavonski Brod. The home team, with six players who also played in Rijeka tournament couple of days ago, opened this game with a 5:0 lead.

It was one more game in which Fatovic dominated with four goals, while Ante Vukicevic added a hattrick.

Group A

Romania 4:12 Montenegro
(1:1, 2:3, 1:4, 0:4)

Romania: Radu, P. Andrei, Georghescu, Minea
Montenegro: Ivovic 6, Djurdjic 3, Brguljan 2, Saric,


1. Montenegro 9 pts
2. Serbia 9
3. Romania 0

Group B

Croatia 14:6 Germany
(4:0, 2:1, 4:4, 4:3)

Croatia: Fatovic 4, Vrlic 3, Vukicevic 3, Cagalj, Zovic, Marinic-Kragic, Lozina
Germany: Real 3, Schulz, Stamm, Eidner


1. Croatia 12
2. Russia 5
3. Germany 1

Group C

Spain 15:13 Hungary
(3:1, 1:3, 3:3, 3:3, 5:3 penalties)

Spain: Munárriz 2, Tahull 2, Espanol 2, Mallarch 2, Granados, Minguell
Hungary: Manhercz 3, Vamos 2, Zalanki, Torok, Mezei, Sz. Jansik


1. Hungary 10
2. Spain 8
3. Netherlands 0

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