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Montenegro begins the title defense with a thriller victory!

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Montenegro national water polo team began its title defense in the FINA World League with a dramatic penalty win in Podgorica against Italy – 11:8. After the regular 32 minutes, the game was tied at 8:8.

Goalkeeper of the domestic team Dejan Lazovic has deserved the man of the match award after saving two penalty shots from Pietro Figlioli and Valentino Gallo.

During the regular game, the visitors were better rivals and they had a two goals advantage. However, the Montenegrin team could really offensively on Aleksandar Ivovic who was the best scorer of the game with four goals.

In the last quarter, Ivovic scored from five meters and Montenegro equalized (8:8). The home team could have also won in the regular time, but could not find a net in three consecutive attacks.

During the penalties, Ivovic, Janovic, and Djurdjic found the net, while beside Lazovic saving shots from Figlioli and Gallo, Goncalo Ecceniche also missed it.

Croatian national team easily beat Romania in Sibenik – 17:4. The victory was expected, and therefore it was not surprising, but the game of the home players was very impressive and attractive.

During the whole game Croatian national water polo team played seriously, with several excellent moves, passes, and goals.

The win could have also been bigger, but Romanian goalkeeper Marius Tic from Steaua had a number of great saves. To be precise – he had 12 of those. Vrlic was the top scorer with four goals, while Basic added a hattrick.

Greece national water polo team has achieved its first triumph in the World League in the opening match of the competition. The Greeks defeated Spain in Barcelona – 7:5.

The Greeks had an impeccable defense in the first five minutes, while they also managed to score three goals in a row. Dervisis and Mourikis, and Genidounias put Spain on the.

Mallarch scored the first goal of the game for Spain, but the Greeks managed to keep a big lead. In the second quarter, the visiting team continued to raise the advantage thanks to goals from Fountoulis and Kapotsis.

Spain scored just one more goal before the end of the first half, and with that kind of offensive and defensive display, the Greeks cruised to a big and important victory.

World league, Day 1


Croatia 17:4 Romania
(4:1, 5:1, 2:0, 6:2)

Croatia: Vrlic 4, Basic 3, Fatovic 2, Vukicevic 2, Milos 2, Setka, Benic, Loncar, Viskovic
Romania: Georgescu 2, Chioveanu 2

Malta 5:18 Russia

Montenegro 11:8 Italy
(2:3, 0:1, 4:2, 2:2, penalties 3:0)

Montenegro: Ivovic 4, Brguljan 2, Jovanovic, Djurdjic,
Italy: Molina 2, Di Fulvio, Fondelli, Figlioli, Presciutti, Aicardi, Ecceniche

Netherlands 15:5 Ukraine

Spain 5:7 Greece
(1:4, 1:2, 2:1, 1:0)

Spain: Mallarch 3, Perrone, Munarriz
Greece: Genidounias, Skoumpakis, Fountoulis, Kapotsis, Dervisis, Mourikis, Gounas


Group A

1. Russia 1 – 3
2. Germany 0 – 0
3. Hungary 0 – 0
4. Malta 1 – 0

Group B

1. The Netherlands 1 – 3
2. Greece 1 – 3
3. Spain 1 – 3
4. Ukraine 1 – 3

Group C

1. Montenegro 1 – 3
2. France 0 – 0
3. Italy 1 – 0

Group D

1. Croatia 1 – 3
2. Serbia 0 – 0
3. Romania 1 – 0

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