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Miskolc and Honvéd tied, Vasas wins on buzzer-beater

Image of the match OSC vs. Pécs. Photo: Máté Balogh - OSC

An exciting first round in the Hungarian water polo championships was on display Tuesday and Wednesday. Miskolc confirmed their contention in group B despite a late comeback by Honvéd, and on Wednesday Vasas defeated Debrecen on a buzzer-beater by Jesse Koopman.

For Honvéd it was a tough encounter with the new-look Miskolc side. In fact, the visitors led 8-11 with 3 minutes to play before left-hander Tamas Gyarfas stepped up. He single-handedly brought back his team to an 11-11 score, which proved to be the final score, netting 3 shots in the final 2 minutes including the equaliser with just seconds on the clock. Maybe to feel a defeat for Miskolc who were so close by starting the competition with what would have been a big win, but for Honvéd Gyarfas was the man of the hour.

On Wednesday Vasas and Debrecen fought a close battle, only to be decided in the very final second. The home team was in the lead most of the time but couldn’t get rid of the opponents who constantly held on. After having led 10-8 with just 1.36 on the clock Debrecen fought back and levelled the score with 22 seconds on the game clock. But a beautiful passing game by Vasas in their final attack was finished by Dutch international Jesse Koopman from the left side, at the buzzer, to give Vasas an 11-10 victory. And playing a fellow competitor for the race for the top 4 positions in the group only made the win more valuable.

The favourite teams meanwhile made no mistake. Szolnok raced past KSI while OSC enjoyed a nice opener at the expense of Pécs: 15-5. Eger, on Wednesday, put up a similar performance with a 15-6 win over Tatabánya and Szeged controlled Szentes from the 2nd period onwards, en route to triumphing 15-7. Also in group B FTC proved too much to handle for UVSE and recorded a 10-5 victory.

Hungarian water polo championship
Round 1

Group A

Tuesday, September 27:

Szeged vs. Szentes 15:7 (1:2, 6:3, 4:0, 4:2)
Szeged: Sánta 3, Manhercz K. 3, Palotás 3, Kiss Cs. 2, Sedlmayer, Chilkó, Pellei, Vukicevic.

Szentes: Takács J. 2, Albert, Farkas, Vörös, Bocskay, Reuten.

Szolnok vs. KSI 16:6 (6:2, 4:0, 2:1, 4:3)
Szolnok: Varga Dénes 3, Vámos 2, Szatmári 2, Fülöp B. 2, Prlainovic 2, Jansik D., Hangay Z., Mezei, Younger, Crousillat.

KSI: Lévai 2, Bicskei, Berki, Zerinváry, Bóbis B.

OSC vs. Pécs 15:5 (6:2, 3:1, 3:1, 3:1)
OSC: Gór-Nagy 4, Seman 3, Kovács G. 2, Salamon 2, Drasko Brguljan 2, Bátori, Juhász Zs.

Pécs: Gogov 2, Csacsovszky A., Horváth Zs., Rakonjac.

Wednesday, September 28:

Vasas vs. Debrecen 11:10 (1:1, 3:1, 2:3, 5:5)
Vasas: Babay 2, Marnitz G. 2, Burián 2, Njegovan 2, Koopman 2, Bóbis.

Debrecen: Kállay 4, Szőke 3, Süveges, Tóth P., Busilacchi.

Group B

Honvéd vs. Miskolc 11:11 (3:3, 4:3, 1:2, 3:3)
Honvéd: Szivós 4, Gyárfás T. 4, Kiss G., Simon A., Fejős.

Miskolc: Misic 4, Halek 2, Jakab D. 2, Milicic 2, Vadovic.

FTC vs. UVSE 10:5 (5:2, 2:0, 1:2, 2:1)
FTC: S. Mitrovic 3, Dőry 2, Jansik Sz. 2, Tórth M., Avramovic, Marko Cuk.

UVSE: Sélley Rauscher 2, Tóth Z., Major, Korényi.

BVSC vs. Kaposvár 11:8 (2:3, 5:1, 3:1, 1:3)
BVSC: Létay 4, Török B. 2, Pásztor 2, Mátyok, Csapó, Czigány.

Kaposvár: Juhász-Szelei 2, Kovács O. 2, Sántavy, Berta, Dobos, Hegedűs B.

Wednesday, September 28:

Eger vs. Tatabánya 15:6 (7:0, 2:2, 2:2, 4:2)
Eger: Bedő 3, Hosnyánszky 3, Erdélyi 2, Lőrincz B. 2, Kovács G. 2, Decker Á., Angyal, Mata.

Tatabánya: Hoppál, Dobay, Kiss Gy., Máthé B., Francic, Popovic.

Current standings:

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