Matteo Aicardi to miss next match due to broken nose

Matteo Aicardi broken nose

Italy turned things around late for a hard-fought 8-9 win over Spain but lost two players to injury with one of them being out for Monday’s game 2 vs. France. Centre forward Matteo Aicardi suffered a broken nose early on in the match and will not play on Monday. The team expects him to be ready to play against Montenegro (on Wednesday) in game 3 of the group stage where he will be wearing a protective mask, the Federation website reports.

Young defender Alessandro Velotto suffered two deep bruises just outside his left eye but is expected to be ready for Monday’s meeting with France.

Update: Aicardi got on to a protective mask during the rest day and was ready to play against France where he ended up being the top scorer for Italy with 4 goals in an 11-8 win.

Monday, August 8 – day 2

09.00: Serbia vs. Greece – men
10.20: Italy vs. France – men
11.40: USA vs. Spain – men
13.00: Hungary vs. Australia – men
19.30: Japan vs. Brazil – men
20.50: Croatia vs. Montenegro – men

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