LEN to start a new competition in November?

European governing body for water sports (LEN) wants to bring some big changes to the competition system. According to Waterpolo development world, LEN is preparing a new type of competition in the very near future.

During the week, national water polo federations in Europe will receive LEN’s proposal for the League of nations, both for women and men. According to this proposal, this newly formed competition would have two qualifying rounds and a Final four tournament.

The start of the first round would be scheduled for November and second round would begin in February. Final four tournament would be scheduled for April.
“This new competition will be called Europa cup or Challenge cup. It will have 16 teams in men’s and 12 in women’s competition”, Marco Birri, LEN manager told


As they say in LEN, the goal is to fill in the vacuum between two European championships which are scheduled to play every second year.

It would, as they think in LEN, be a significant step for water polo in terms of marketing, media, and fans.
“Eurovision is ready to support us. The water polo Champions League has become a brand and now the new competition could become the same”, adds Birri.

He emphasized that this proposal is not LEN’s response to World water polo organization (FINA) attempt to reduce the power of European counterparts in decision making on future of the game.
“We do not want to fight, but we want to cooperate. Every team can decide and choose to play the World League. However, 90 percent of the high-quality water polo is concentrated in Europe. The level of these teams is higher. We want to give them a bigger chance to develop the water polo game”, Biri concluded.

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