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Last Mandic’s match in national season, Ortigia wins in “football derby” (VIDEO)

Enrico Caruso (Ortigia) Photo: Circolo Canottieri Ortigia/Facebook (Marina Carascon)

The first half of the Italian league ended with 13th round, which saw a low-scoring derby, played in Naples. Favourites didn’t make mistakes.

In mentioned derby in Naples, Ortigia defeated Canottieri. The match resembled a football game. The team from Sicily achieved a 2:1 win! Home team Canottieri scored the only goal in the first three quarters (Velloto 1:0 in the 5th minute). After that, began a big battle of the defences, both goalkeepers Enrico Caruso (Ortigia) and Gabriele Vassallo (Canottieri) played excellently. Casasola converted a man-up to level the score at 1:1 3:14 before the final buzzer. A minute later, his teammate Jelaca hit the back of the net for 1:2 and for an important victory of Ortigia. The Sicilians moved up to the 5th place in the table and overtook Canottieri that is in the 6th place now.

Another Sicily-based team, Catania, also visited the “Felice Scandone” pool in Naples, but unlike Ortigia, it returned home empty-handed. The game Posillipo-Catania was decided in the fourth period. After the third, the rivals were on the same starting point – 4:4. The hosts scored three unanswered goals in the last eight minutes for a 7:4 victory. The man of the match was Posillipo captain Parido Saccioa (4 goals).

Top three teams didn’t let their respective rivals surprise them.

Pro Recco faced Bogliasco. The match was the last in national competitions in this season for Dusan Mandic. In the second half of the championship and in the Italian Cup, he will be replaced by Aleksandar Ivovic, who played only in the Champions League in the first half of the season. Recco coach Vladimir Vujasinovic has made this change because Ivovic plays on a similar position in the team as well as Sandro Sukno, who ended the season due to heart problems, while besides Mandic Recco has two left-handed players – Filipovic and Echenique.

Recco wasn’t convincing in Bogliasco. The title-holder saved energy for harder challenges.Vujasinovic granted a rest to Filip Filipovic and Mateo Aicardi. Bogliasco led 4:3 early in the 2nd quarter. Recco water polo players scored four unanswered goals by halftime for a 7:4 lead. In the third and in the fourth period their win was never in danger (13:8).

Video source: Pro Recco/YouTube 

Sport Management follows Pro Recco with a 3-point difference. It did a clean job in Savona. After the first quarter, Savona was 3:2 up, but from the first minute of the 2nd period Sport Management, led by Antonio Petkovic (4 goals), dominated the game and won 11:6.

Brescia water polo players demolished Acqauachiara, that wasn’t able to score at least a goal, – 17:0. The leader of the team was Nicholas Presciutti (five goals).

Lazio secured a victory in an encounter with Trieste in the first two quarters. The team from Rome led 4:0 at half-time. Lazio maintained the advantage until the end (7:4).

As expected, Florentia defeated Torino 81 (11:9) and kept the 8th place ahead of Posillipo.

Video source: Rari Nantes Florentia/YouTube

Italian championship, 13th round

Canottieri Naples 1:2 Ortigia
(1:0, 0:0, 0:0, 0:2)

Ortifia: Jelaca, Casasola.

Trieste 3:7 Lazio
(0:3, 0:1, 1:1, 2:2)

Trieste: Mezzarobba 2, Petronio.
Lazio: D. Giorgi 2, Cannella 2, Vitale, Tulli, Di Rocco.

Posillipo 7:4 Catania
(3:1, 0:1, 1:2, 3:0)

Posillipo: Saccoia 4, Foglio, G. Mattiello, Marziali.
Catania: La Rosa 2, Catania, G. Torrisi.

Brescia 17:0 Acquachiara
(4:0, 6:0, 3:0, 4:0)

Brescia: N. Presciutti 5, Bertoli 4, Paskovic 2, M. Guidi 2, C. Presciutti, Muslim, Vukcevic.

Bogliasco 8:13 Pro Recco
(3:3, 1:4, 2:3, 2:3)

Bogliasco: A. Di Somma 3, Sadovyy 3, Lanzoni, Cimarosti.
Pro Recco: Alesiani 2, Molina 2, F. Di Fulvio, Mandic, Bruni, Bodegas, Echenique, Figari, E. Galiogna, N. Gitto.

Florentia 11:9 Torino 81
(3:3, 2:1, 2:1, 3:2)

Florentia: Bini 5, Tomasic 3, Astiarta, A. Di Fulvio, Razzi.
Reale Mutua Torino 81: I. Vuksanovic 2, Gandini 2, Azzo, Maffe, Oggero, D’Souza, Gaffuri.

Savona 6:11 Sport Management
(3:2, 1:4, 2:3, 0:2)

Savona: Guimares 2, Damonte, Steardo, L. Bianco, G. Bianco.
Bpm Sport Management: A. Petkovic 4, Luongo 3, Blary 2, E. Di Somma, Baraldi.

1. Pro Reco 13 – 39
2. Sport Management 13 – 36
3. Brescia 13 – 33
4. Savona 13 – 25
5. Ortigia 13 – 24
6. Canottieri 13 – 22
7. Lazio 13 – 19
8. Florentia 13 – 17
9. Posillipo 13 – 15
10. Catania 13 – 12
11. Bogliasco 13 – 10
12. Trieste 13 – 8
13.Torino 13 – 4
14. Acquachiara 13 – 0

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