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Jug still unbeaten, historic win for Vojvodina

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In the spotlight of the 12th round of the Regional League was the match in Dubrovnik, where the leader Jug hosted the second-placed Jadran Herceg Novi. In the interesting game Jug, the reigning European champion won 9-7 and stays unbeaten.

Jug started well (3-0, 4-1), but Jadran did not give up. The team from Herceg Novi turned the score and in the 3rd quarter led 5-4. However, home water polo players didn’t disappoint their supporters. At the end of the third period, it was 7-6 for Jug. The home club ran away on 8-6 at the start of the last quarter. Jadran approached the rival a four and a half minute before the final whistle (8-7). Three minutes later Paulo Obradovic set the final score. Three players scored twice: Fatović and Perone for Jug and Marko Petkovic for Jadran.

The surprise of the round happened in the Serbian derby in Novi Sad. Vojvodina defeated Partizan for the first time in history. Vojvodina started strong and led 4-1 at the start of the 2nd quarter. Partizan equaled 5-5 a minute before the end of the 3rd part of the game. But the home team made a great series of 4-0, and won 9-5. The team from Novi Sad was led by Dragoljub Rogac, who scored four goals. Partizan played without their captain Nikola Jaksic, who was suspended due to the exclusion in the final game of the Serbian Cup. He could not play because the game Vojvodina – Partizan is counted for the Serbian league.

In the dramatic match in Split Jadran beat Mladost, 10-9. Guests were favorites, but Jadran was the team who controlled the match for most of the time. Jerko Marinic Kragic scored decisive goal, a minute and a half before the end. Mladost had a chance for the equalizing, but Jadran’s goalkeeper Strujic stopped Ivan Zovic’s attempt in the last second

Budva won all three points at their home poll in the match against Primorje 10-7. Man of the match was Serbian Srdjan Vuksanovic (Budva), who netted four times.

Regional league, 12th round

Jug CO – Jadran Carine Herceg Novi 9-7 (3-0, 1-3, 3-3, 2-1)

Jug CO: Fatovic 2, Perrone 2, Macan, Jokovic, Ivankovic, Obradovic, J. Vrlic
Jadran Carine: Petkovic 2, Ukropina, Popadic, Vidovic, Spajic, Moskov.

Vojvodina – Partizan Raiffeisen 9-5 (3-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-0)

Vojvodina. Rogac 4, Sulc 3, Maksimovic 2.
Partizan: Radojevic 2, Stojanovic 2, M. Jankovic 1.

Jadran Split – Mladost 10-9 (3-1, 0-3, 4-1, 3-4)

Jadran:Marinic-Kragic 3, Vasic’ 2, Santini 2, Antonijevic, Pejakovic, Popovic.
Mladost: Lazic 2, Basic 2, Milakovic, Zovic, Blecic, Vlahovic, Pavicic.

Budva – Primorje EB 10-7 (4-3, 3-2, 1-1, 2-1)

Budva: Vuksanovic 4, Djurdjic 3, S. Cetkovic, Vujasevic, P. Cetkovic.
Primorje: Vukcevic 2, Paparic 2, Peros, Tkac, M. Vrlic.

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