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Jug with no mistake in Zagreb, Jadran merciless in Budva

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Title-holder Jug extended its winning streak in the 13th round of the Regional League, beating its аrch-rival. Jadran Herceg Novi demolished its opponent in a Montenegrin derby, while other matches were very dramatic.

Jug continued its unbeaten run. The runner-up in the 2016/17 Champions League achieved a victory in the match of the day, in an encounter between two biggest Croatian clubs. Jug played against Mladost in Zagreb. A 4:1 rush in the first 10 minutes put the visitors on the right track. Mladost reduced the gap 21 seconds before the halftime (4:3), but Jug ruled the field in the third and in the fourth period for a convincing 10:5 win.

Jadran Herceg Novi was merciless in a big Montenegrin derby. The champion of Montenegro did a damage in Budva. After the first quarter, the visitors led 2:1. They demolished the hosts in the second and in the third quarter. Jadran water polo players held Budva scoreless for 22 minutes and they jumped to a 14:1 lead in the 31st minute. Budva scored twice in the remaining time (3:14 at the end).

Other matches offered much more thrills.

Five rounds before the end, five clubs still have chances to join Jug, Mladost, and Jadran at the Final Four. Top three clubs won’t miss the final tournament, for sure, but the following rounds will see a hard battle for the 4th place.

POSK returned in the race for the 4th place, beating Partizan in Split. The visitors from Belgrade scored the first goal of the match in the second minute, but after that POSK, boosted by a goalkeeper Mario Podrug, played excellently in defense. Partizan players couldn’t hit the back of the net until the 24th minute. POSK turned around a slim early deficit to a 4:1 lead. Nikola Lukic scored for 4:2 17 seconds before the last break. But, Bebic responded with a goal in the next attack and POSK had a nice 5:2 advantage before the last period. The hosts went 6:2 up in the 26th minutes. In the remaining few minutes, Partizan netted two goals and POSK won 6:4.

Partizan still holds the 4th place in the table, but the gap between Partizan and the 7th-placed POSK is only two points!

Rivals shared the points in the clashes Primorje – Mornar and Primorac – Jadran Split.

Jadran Split led for most of the time in the match against Primorac. It had a two-goal lead (7:5) early in the third period. But, then came Primorac and with three straight goals, it went ahead (8:7) in the 28th minute. The Kotor-based team was very close to all three points, but an experienced Andjelo Setka scored from an extra 12 seconds before the final buzzer and secured a draw (8:8).

Something similar happened in Rijeka. There were a lot of twists and turns during the encounter between Primorje and Mornar from Split. Mornar was 6:5 up in the middle of the fourth period. Primorje managed to score twice in a span of two minutes for a 7:6 lead. Rino Buric didn’t let Primorje win. He converted an extra-man attack 12 seconds before the end (7:7).


2017/18 Regional League, 13th round

Group A1

Budva 3:14 Jadran HN
(1:2, 0:4, 0:4, 2:4)

Budva: S. Vuksanovic, M. Mitrovic, Vujasevic.
Jadran Herceg Novi: F. Gardasevic 4, Merkulov 3, B.Banicevic 2, Krijestorac 2, Popadic, Dj. Radovic, Spajic.

Mladost 5:10 Jug
(1:2, 2:2, 1:3, 1:3)

HAVK Mladost: Bukic 2, Zovic, Biljaka, Milos.
Jug: Fatovic 4, Jokovic 2, Ivankovic 2, Loncar, Benic.

POSK 6:4 Partizan
(1:1, 2:0, 2:1, 1:2)

POSK:Delic 2, Begovic, Vuleta, Bebic.
Partizan: Lukic 2, M. Jankovic, Radanovic.

Primorje 7:7 Mornar
(2:2, 1:2, 2:1, 2:2)

Primorje: Peros 3, Radulovic 2, Tkac, Ford Wallace.
Mornar: Cagalj 2, Buha 2, Erak, Calic, R. Buric.


Primorac 8:8 Jadran S
(1:2, 4:4, 2:1, 1:1)

Primorac: Gopcevic 3, Vukmirovic 2, G. Grgurevic 2, Crepulja.
Jadran Split: Power 2, Milradovic 2, Goreta, Marinic Kragic, Setka, Buselic.

1. Jug (Croatia) 13 – 39
2. Mladost (Croatia) 13 – 31
3. Jadran HN (Montenegro) 13 – 29
4. Partizan (Serbia) 13 – 16
5. Jadran S (Croatia) 13 – 15
6. Mornar (Croatia) 13 – 15
7. POSK (Croatia) 13 – 14
8. Primorac (Montenegro) 13 – 13
9. Budva (Montenegro) 13 – 9
10. Primorje (Croatia) 13 – 7

Group A2

Vojvodina – Zadar 1952 18:3
Nais – Cattaro 8:5
Crvena Zvezda – Solaris 15:10
Medvescak – Sabac 28 February

1. Crvena Zvezda (Serbia) 12 – 36
2. Vojvodina (Serbia) 12 – 27
3. Sabac (Serbia) 10 – 22
4. Nais (Serbia) 12 – 22
5. Valjevo (Serbia) 11 – 15
6. Medvescak (Croatia) 11 – 13
7. Cattaro (Montenegro) 12 – 11
8. Solaris (Croatia) 11 – 4
9. Zadar 1952 (Croatia) 11 – 0

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