Champions League

Jug Dubrovnik beats Olympiakos 6-4 in the finals, winning the Champions Leauge


After a run in the playoffs nobody expected from the Croatian team, Jug Dubrovnik ends up on top of the Champions leauge. The team beat Eger from Greece, the host team, in the semifinals, with a score of 8 to 6. The game against Pro Recco from Italy, which some call the “dream team”, as it is stacked with what are considered the best players in waterpolo currently. They tied the Italian team 10 to 10 in regular play, winning an intense shootout 5 to 4, partly beacuse of the unlikely hero of Jug, their goalkeeper, Croatia’s own Marko Bijac.

In the finals against Olympiakos from Greece, who had to beat Szolnok from Hungary in the semis to join Jug, both of the teams’ defense showed their strength, with only 10 goals being scored during the game. Jug stunned everyone with their 6 on 5 defense, reducing power play percentages of Olympiakos to 20%, with only 2 goals out of 10 opportunities for the Greek team. Jug’s win came in no small part from their goalie, Bijac, saving 13 out of 17 shots on his goal, an amazing percentage for the finals. With the score being 5-4 in the last two minutes of the game, Bijac made two crucial saves, and, with 11 seconds on the game clock, Jug earned a penalty, which Felipe Perrone scored, changing the final score to 6-4.

Felipe Perrone earned the Most Valuable Player award, and Jug won their 4th Title in the Champions Leauge, their first one in 10 years.

Szolnok earned 3rd place, beating Pro Recco in the game for Bronze 11-7.

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