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Italy and Serbia advance to quarterfinals (VIDEO)

Dusan Mandic (Serbia) Photo: Marcel ter Bals/WPF of Serbia

Title holder Serbia and Italy booked tickets for the quarterfinals of the men’s tournament at the 33rd European Championships in Barcelona already after the 2nd round of the group stage. Italy convincingly beat Hungary in the match of the day to secure the 1st place in Group A, while Serbia cemented the 1st place in Group D.

Group A

In the derby of the group, the Italians excellently played in defense, as well as in the 1st round when they beat Germany (14:1). Hungary, the silver medalist at the 2017 World Championships, scored just five goals, four in the second quarter and one in the last minute of the game.

Italy shocked Hungary in the opening minutes of the encounter. The “Settebello” rushed to a 6:0 lead before Hungary scored its first goal in the 10th minute. The Hungarians started climbing back in the 2nd quarter and they were 4:7 down at halftime. The third quarter belonged to the Italians, who entered the last eight minutes with a 9:4 advantage. Francesco di Fulvio hit the back of the net in the middle of the fourth quarter for 10:4. There was no way back for the Hungarians anymore. Italy soon added two goals in  two consecutive counter attacks and gained a 8-goal lead (12:4). Angyal ended Hungary’s long scoreless period when it was too late, in the last minute and Italy won 12:5.

Statistical facts also show a big difference between Italy and Hungary this evening. The Italians had 24 shots towards goal (Hungary’s goalkeeper Viktor Nagy posted 12 saves), while Marco del Luongo saved nine of just 14 the Hungarians’ attempts.

The derby was also a battle between two coaches who have won Olympic gold medals. The older one Alessandro Campagna (gold with Italy in Barceona 1992) obviously very well prepared his team, much better than Tamas Marcz, who was Olympic champion with the team of Hungary at the 2000 Olympics.

Alessandro Campagna, Italy head coach, said:

“It’s a fantastic result for us, We have played a great game tonight, especially in the first half, in which we were exceptional, The team has done everything right. It’s a result that boosts our moral. Italy always aspires to get the best results at every international sporting event.”

Tamas Märcz, head coach, Hungary:

“We didn’t follow our plan in attack, we missed lots of one man-up situations. On the other hand, Italy scored in every opportunity that they had. After the third quarter the result was 7-4 and we felt as if we could make a come back, but we missed lots of scoring opportunities. In the last quarter Italy scored most of their chances, which gave them a great result. My players and I are a little bit upset because it’s never nice to loose a match. At least we lost the match against a strong Italy squad who played well. I think that they were better this time and I have to congratulate them, but I can assure you that we will perform better in the future, We have a young team and we will continue to get better.”

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HUN 5 – 12 ITA

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After a lot of twists, Germany beat Georgia and took 3 important points and secured the 3rd place in the group. The Georgians started well and controlled the game until the middle of the 2nd quarter when they led 4:2. The Germans managed to turn the score and went 7:6 up late in the third period. Everything was decided 1:55 before the end. Julian Real scored his 4th goal by converting a penalty for the final score 10:9.

Group B

Favorites had no big problems in the 2nd round in Group B. Montenegro blew away underdog Malta (17:5). Spain took a flying start in the match against France and earned a 5:0 lead (14th minute). France recovered in the following minutes and came close (5:3). In the finish of the third quarter, the Spaniards, led by Alberto Munarriz (4 goals this evening), returned to the right track to earn a 4-goal lead before the last break (7:3). The last quarter saw one goal – 7:4.

Montenegro and Spain will face on Friday night in the last match of the preliminary competition. Winner will secure a place in the quarterfinals. The team of Spain has a advantage because of a better goal difference. If the match end with no winner, Spain will remain on the 1st place of the table.

Group C

Croatia thrashed Turkey (23:2). Lovre Milos, a debutante at major competitions, netted 6 goals. He was followed by Elvis Fatovic, who found the net 5 times.

Greece defeated the Netherlands by 5 goals (12:7). The Greeks secured points in the first quarter and a half. They were 7:3 up in the 1st minute of the 2nd quarter. Greece soon gained a five-goal advantage (9:4). In the remaining time, the Greeks didn’t waste a lot of calories. They are preparing for the crucial match, for the clash for the 1st place in the group, in which they will face Croatia.

A half of Greece’s goals were scored by Angelos Vlachopoulos, who tops the list of best scorers with 11 goals.

Group D

Title-holder did its job. After beating Romania in the first round, Serbia defeated Russia and secured the 1st place in the group. The Olympic champions didn’t have an easy task today. Russia didn’t give the points for free. The first half of the match was balanced. The rivals were tied 1:16 minutes before halftime (5:5). Serbia scored four straight goals in the next 4:13 minutes and jumped to a 9:5 lead. By the end of the game, Russia managed to reduce the gap at two (7:9, 8:10), but the Serbs’ win wasn’t in danger. They posted an 11:9 win.

The Russians shouldn’t be unsatisfied, they proved that they are improving the level of their play. The two sides met in the quarterfinals at the 2016 European Champions when Serbia achieved a 15:5 win.

On Day 3, Serbia will face Slovakia. That encounter will be a training for both sides. Slovakia can’t move from the bottom of the table, while Romania and Russia will clash in the match which will decide who will take 2nd and 3rd place.

Romania easily beat Slovakia today. The Romanian side dominated from the beginning. Until the 22nd minute, it built a 7:1 advantage. Romania slowed down in the last quarter and recorded a 9:5 victory.

33rd European Championships, men’s tournament, 2nd round

Group A

Hungary 5:12 Italy
(0:5, 4:2, 0:2, 1:3)

Hungary: Manhercz 2, Angyal, Erdely, Batori.
Italy: Di Fulvio 2, Figlioli 2, Gallo 2, Bodegas 2, Molina, Fondelli, Velotto, Renzuto

Germany 10:9 Georgia
(1:3, 3:2, 3:2, 3:2)

Germany: Real 4, Reibel 2, Juengling 2, Stamm, Eidnerl.
Georgia: Baghaturia 2, Rurua 2, Kavtaradze , Crepulja, Jelaca, Gegelashvili, Magrakvelidze.

1. Italy 2 – 6 (26:6)
2. Hungary 2 – 3 (17:17)
3. Germany 2 – 3 (11:23)
4. Georgia 2 – 0 (14:22)

3rd round (Friday): Germany – Hungary, Georgia – Italy.

Group B

Montenegro 17:5 Malta
(4:1, 7:0, 4:2, 2:2)

Montenegro: Dj. Radovic 3, Ivovic 3, Petkovic 2, Spaic 2, Dr. Brguljan, Draskovic, A. Radovic, Djurdjic, Misic.
Malta: Zammit 2, S. Camilleri, Plumpton, Cousin.

Spain 7:4 France
(1:0, 4:1, 2:2, 0:1)

Spain: Munarriz 4, Tahull, Perrone, Mallarach.
France: Gullame 2, Crousillat, Khasz.

1. Spain 2 – 6 (28:18)
2. Montenegro 2 – 6 (25:11)
3. France 2 – 0 (10:15)
4. Malta 2 – 0 (9:38)

3rd round (Friday): Malta – France, Montenegro – Spain.

Group C

Croatia 23:2 Turkey
(4:0, 7:1, 6:1, 6:0)

Croatia: Milos 6, Fatovic 5, Vukicevic 3, Buslje 3, Jokovic 2, Macan,Buljubasic, Vrlic, Garcia.
Turkey: Duzelni, Ozbek.

Greece 12:7 Netherlands
(6:3, 3:2, 2:2, 1:0)

Greece: Vlachopoulos 6, Fountoulis 2, Gounas 2, Genidounias, Kapotsis
Netherlands: Janssen 2, Lindhout 2, Van den Burg, Winkelhorst, Gottemaker.

1. Greece 2 – 6 (39:8)
2. Croatia 2 – 6 (38:10)
3. Netherlands 2 – 0 (15:27)
4. Turkey 2 – 0 (3:50)

3rd round (Friday): Turkey – Netherlands, Croatia – Greece.

Group D

Romania 9:5 Slovakia
(4:1, 2:0, 2:1, 1:3)

Romania: Gheorghe 3, Fulea 2, Georgescu 2, Radu, Oanta.
Slovakia: Zatovic, Uradnik, Durik, Kolarik, Balaz.

Russia 9:11 Serbia
(2:3, 3:3, 1:3, 3:2)

Russia: Andryukov 2, Kharkov 2, Nagaev 2, Dereviankin, Merkulov, Bychkov.
Serbia: Filipovic 2, Prlainovic 2, Mandic 2, Cuk, Pijetlovic, Vico, Jaksic, Mitrovic.

1. Serbia 2 – 6 (22:14)
2. Russia 2 – 3 (21:17)
3. Romania 2 – 3 (14:16)
4. Slovakia 2 – 0 (11:21)

3rd round: Serbia – Slovakia, Russia – Romania.

Competition formula

Qualifications for quarterfinals (July 22): A2-C3, A3-C2, B2-D3, B3-D2.
Quarterfinals (July 24): D1-A2/C3 (game A), B1-A3/C2 (B),C1-B2/D3 (C), A1-B3/D2 (D),
Semifinals (July 26): Winners games A – C, winners games B – D
Final day (July 28)

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