Italy, Russia, and Hungary to fight for the semifinals!

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Italian, Russian and Hungarian junior women national water polo teams stormed into the quarterfinals at the FINA World Championship held in Belgrade. They all recorded some big wins in the play-off matches, while Australia had a tougher task against Canada.

Against Uzbekistan, Italian national team played on of the most attractive games so far at the tournament and they won 25:4! It was attacking water polo at its best and Uzbekistan girls never had a chance. Already at the halftime Italy was leading by 11 (13:2). There was just a question of how big the goal difference is going to be.

Sofia Giustini was the best scorer of the game with six goals, while Roberta Santapaola, Dafne Bettini, and Isabella Riccioli all scored hattricks. Their next opponent in the quarterfinal is going to be Spain who won the first place in the group and gained a direct qualification.

Hungary national team beat New Zealand 15:8, but it was a tight game in the first quarter. The underdog even managed to take a 2:1 lead after Bernadette Doyle found the net. But, that was it.

In the second quarter Hungarian girls took control of the game, and by the end of the period gained a comfortable 7:3 lead. After that Hungary never looked back, as the rivals couldn’t match them, neither in offense, nor defense. Luca Petovari and Janka Utassy both scored four goals apiece.

The Russian team was brutal against Kazakhstan as they won 15:1. Zbornaya conceded they only goal as late as the third quarter of the game. The score was 9:0 at the halftime and this match really turned out to be a solid warmup for the quarterfinal against top quality Greece. Tonight Margarita Pystina was the best scorer with four goals.

Unlike other matches played on Thursday, Australia beat Canada 6:3 in a game which was dominated by solid defense. The Canadians put up a good resistance in the first three quarters, but in the last one Carla Traplin scored two times to open the door of a big victory for Australia.

Quarterfinal matches are on the schedule on Friday.

13-16th place

Serbia 5:8 Brazil
(3:1, 1:3, 1:1, 0:3)

Serbia: Kaplarevic 2, Novakovic, Luka, Milicevic
Brazil: Leao 4, Batista 1, Dias 2, Amaral

Argentina 8:11 South Africa
(2:5, 1:2, 2:2, 3:2)

Argentina: Tamagnone 5, Marcuzzi 2, Donofrio
South Africa: O Shaugnessy 4, Tancrel 3, Trninic 2, Hinrich 2


Hungary 15:8 New Zealand
(2:2, 5:1, 4:1, 4:4)

Hungary: Petovari 4, Utassy 4, Rybanska 3, Armai, Pap, Farago
New Zealand: Doyle 3, McDowall 2, Morgan 2, Carrington

Kazakhstan 1:15 Russia
(0:5, 0:4, 1:3, 0:3)

Kazakhstan: Yeremina
Russia: Pystina 4, Popova 3, Kochetova 2, Ivanova 2, Galimzianova 2, Panfilova, Lipskaia

Italy 25:4 Ubezkistan
(6:1, 7:1, 6:1, 6:1)

Italy: Giustini 6, Santapaola 3, Riccioli 3, Bettini 3, Cergol 2, Tori 2, Clementi 2, Cordovani, Amedeo, Meggiato, Colletta
Uzbekistan: Shermatova, Rasubova, Shaydullina, Abdulkhaeya

Canada 3:6 Australia
(1:0, 1:2, 1:2, 0:2)

Canada: McDowell, Rojas, Miller
Australia: Traplin 3, Ballesty, Kearns, Dalziel


Spain – Hungary
Greece –Russia
USA – Italy
Netherlands – Australia

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