Isn’t it ironic?

Slobodan Soro Brazil goalkeeper Rio 2016.

Brazilian water polo goalkeeper Slobodan Soro made 13 saves and blocked 72% of the shots on goal. The man who was so important in Serbia’s bronze medal run at the 2012 Olympics on Wednesday almost single-handedly disrupted the regarded unstoppable Serbian attack. It was his inside knowledge of all players that he used to call team-mates that made his presence in the Brazilian goal a great success. Slobodan Soro, paved the way for what by some was called the biggest upset in Olympics water polo history, but certainly was the upset of the tournament. Soro was only to be defeated five times, all while being a man down.

slobodan soro brasil national water polo team


And so, stoical as always, in ironic fashion Soro sent his former team into a must-win situation. The match that was bound for Serbia to confirm the turnaround after their slow start to the tournament ended up in a first loss. 37 years of age coming from Vojvodina, Novi Sad where so many great talents from Serbia started their career, now the goalie finds himself and Brazil leading group A after 3 matches at the Olympics, in the driver’s seat towards the quarterfinals. Who would have thought late 2012.



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