Igor Milanovic: ‘We lost our first match in ’88 and eventually won gold’

igor milanovic
Igor Milanovic

Igor Milanovic, a retired Serbian water polo player, follows the action in Rio closely. We met the current Galatasaray head coach and two-time Olympic champion (1984, 1988) in Belgrade and Milanovic was glad to share his vision on all that he has seen so far. He does not worry on Serbia’s two draws in the first pair of games in Rio.



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On his impression of Serbia’s performance so far:

‘’One of my strongest memory from the Olympic Games is that we lost our first game at the Games in Seoul 88 against USA, before we eventually managed to won the gold. Greece and Hungary are top teams, and we have to take in consideration that they are not teams easy to beat. I think that we had quarters against Hungary and the second part of the game against the Greeks in which we played exceptionally well. The last quarter against Hungary is the one we should analyse and I am sure that Dejan Savic knows that and he will find a way to use that aggressive approach and style of play that we showed in that period of the game. So, we just need to let our players in peace, because they surely know how to raise their form. The tournament is long so they should continue to believe in themselves. I am sure that they will find that chemistry and win a medal”, Milanovic stated.

Regarding the rest of the tournament he said:

‘’The tournament is very strong, and that is not new for Olympic Games. Every team is eager and ready, and Olympic Games are always a new level, something different than European and world championships. Already in the group stage, there are very tough games, like the one from yesterday between Croatia and Montenegro. The Montenegrins could have won it if they scored on the extra man in the last minute, but they did not and Croatia took the opportunity. It was similar in the game Brazil against Australia. That is how games are tough and will be even harder in the quarter-finals.’’

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