Hungary wins the big derby, top spot within a reach for Spain!


The Hungarian women national water polo team won a big derby against Russia (8:7) in the Round 4 of the group stage at the LEN European Championships in Barcelona. This was the first defeat for Zbornaya at the competition and in the last round of this phase, Russia will play another big game against so far undefeated Spain. This game could decide who will win the top spot in the B group.

Today against Russia, Rita Keszthelyi opened a game with a goal and after that Anikó Gyöngyössy continued in the same fashion for the Hungarians.

Greta Gurisatti Geta scored the third goal and quickly after that Krisztina Garda made it 4-1 for the Hungarians. Up to that moment, it all seemed great for Hungary, but then the Russians woke up and stormed right back into the game.

However, thanks to Dorottya Szilagyi and Dora Csabai, Hungarian water polo team reclaimed the control of the game and took a 6:4 lead.
Russians cut the deficit to one goal after Ivanova found the net and then came the fourth quarter. Gyöngyössy once again scored for Hungary, Karimova was quick to answer, but it was Anna Illes goal that gave her team a crucial 8:6 lead.

Spanish national team recorded another, fourth victory, this time it was against Serbia – 26:2. La Furia Roja once again started the game well and gained a 7:1 lead already after the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Spain scored five times and didn’t concede a goal and the host team tried to keep the same pace in the third and fourth quarter. Paula Leiton was the player of the game with five goals and a perfect shoot percentage.

In the same group, Germany beat Turkey 12:9 to secure a place in the quarterfinals, while in the B group the Netherlands had an easy job against France (20:4) to stay in the contention for the top spot. Also, Italy demolished Croatia – 23:4 with Emmolo and Palmieri scoring four goals each.

Without the slightest difficulty, Greece national water polo team prevailed over Israel – 16:2. With this victory, Greece maintained a perfect record at the tournament and stayed at the top of the standings in A group.

Also, Greece will win the first place in this group with a draw against the Netherlands in the derby match of the fifth round.

Today, once again Alexandra Assimaki was the best player of the game because she scored six goals. She also became Greece all-time top scorer in the European Championships.

Day 4

Israel 2:16 Greece
(0:4, 1:4, 0:4, 1:4)

Israel: Bogachenko, Futorian
Greece: Asimaki 6, Xenaki 4, E. Plevritou, M. Plevritou, Patra, Avramidou, Chydirioti

Germany 12:9 Turkey
(1:1, 6:5, 2:2, 3:1)

Germany: Stiefel 5, Vosseberg 3, Fry 2, Gelse, Krukenberg,
Turkey: Kus 4, Burali, Kose, Ozgomus, Elma, Altan

Italy 24:3 Croatia
(7:2, 6:0, 5:0, 6:1)

Italy: Emmolo 4, Palmieri 4, Queirolo 3, Garibotti 3, Bianconi 3, Avegno 2, Dario, Picozzi, Aiello
Crotia: I. Butic, Balic, Miljkovic,

Netherlands 20:4 France
(6:0, 6:2, 3:1, 5:1)

Netherlands: Van der Sloot 4, Megens 3, Rogge 3, Stomphorst 3, Sevenich 2, Koolhaas, Voorvelt, Sleeking
France: Paillat 2, Guillet, Mahieu

Russia 7:8 Hungary
(2:4, 2:2, 1:0, 2:2)

Russia: Ivanova 2, Karimova, Gorbunova, Serzhantova, Simanovich, Timofeeva
Hungary: Gyongyossy 2, Csabai, Garda, Illes, Keszthelyi, Gurisatti, Szilagyi

Serbia 2:26 Spain
(1:7, 0:5, 1:5, 0:9)

Serbia: Luka 2
Spain: Leiton 5, Gual 3, Forca 3, Pena 3, LLoret 3, B. Ortiz 2, Garcia 2, Espar 2, Bach, M. Ortiz


Group A

1. Greece 12pts
2. Netherlands 10
3. Italy 7
4. France 6
5. Israel 0
6. Croatia 0

Group B

1. Spain 12 pts
2. Hungary 9
3. Russia 9
4. Germany 6
5. Serbia 0
6. Turkey 0

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