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Hungary, Russia and Netherlands qualify for Women’s Water Polo World League Super Final

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The final round of the European preliminaries for the 2017 FINA Women’s Water Polo World League was played on Tuesday, April 18. After a quite close contest, the teams that will play in the Super Final have been determined: Hungary, Russia, and Netherlands.

In Astrakhan, Russia hosted the match of group A against Greece. The hosting water polo team recorded a convincing 20-11 victory over its rival. They had a two-goal advantage after the first quarter (5-3), but there was no doubt about who will win after the dominance of Russian squad in the second period (6-1). Greece went on a break with a seven-goal deficit, 11-4, which was impossible to overcome. In the third quarter, Russia again netted six increasing its lead to nine (17-8). They were able to lift their foot off the gas in the last quarter that ended in a draw. Three Russian players scored four goals each –

At the end of the group stage, both Russia and Netherlands from Group A have seven points, but Russia had a better goal difference (52-41/36-38). Therefore, Russian women’s water polo team claimed the 1st spot in the Group A to advance to the Super Final, while Netherlands qualified for Shanghai as second in its group.

In the last match of group B, Italy experienced disappointment in Avezzano after suffering a loss to Hungary. The visiting water polo team scored one goal more than the host in first two quarters achieving the two-goal advantage at halftime (4-6). Hungarian water polo team crushed all Italy’s hopes in the third period when they scored four goals and increased their lead to four (6-10). The “Setterosa” returned four goals in the last quarter, but Hungarian water polo players netted two and celebrated the satisfactory 12-10 win.

Hungary recorded four wins and is the only team from the Group B to qualify for the Super Final. Second-placed Italy has the same number of points as Netherlands – seven. However, Italy failed to go to the Super Final because Netherlands had recorded three wins, while Italy won two games.

The 2017 FINA Women’s Water Polo World League Super Final is scheduled for June 6-11 in Shanghai, China. The Intercontinental tournament will be played in Sacramento, USA, on May 2-7.
In Super Final Group A, Russia and Netherlands will face the teams that finish 2nd and 4th at the Intercontinental tournament, whereas Hungary and the host China will be in Group B with squads placed 1st and 3rd in Sacramento.

FINA Women’s World League 2017 – European preliminaries

Round 6 Results

Group A

Russia – Greece 20-11 (5-3, 6-1, 6-4, 3-3)
Russia scorers: Prokofyeva (4), Simanovich (4), Nkerzánich (4), Ivanova (2), Nkormpoúnova (2), Karimova (1), Borisova (1), Timofeeva (1), Rizkóva (1)
Greece scorers: Tsoukalas (3), Asimaki (3), Chydirioti (1), Diamantopoulou (1), Avramídou (1), Plevrítou (1), Protopapa (1)

1. Russia 4 matches played – 7 points (2W, 1Lp, 1L)
2. Netherlands 4 – 7 (1W, 2Wp, 1L)
3. Greece 4 – 4 (1W, 1Lp, 2L)

Group B

Italy – Hungary 10-12 (2-3, 2-3, 2-4, 4-2)
Italy scorers: Garibotti (2), Queirolo (2), Radicchi (1), R. Aiello (2), Palmieri (1), Gragnolati (1), Barzon (1)
Hungary scorers: Csigany (1), Szilagyi (3), Gurisatti (1), Szucs (1), Takacs (1), Somhegyi (1), Bujka (3), Garda (1)

1. Hungary 4 – 11 (3W, 1Wp)
2. Italy 4 – 7 (2W, 1Lp, 1L)
3. France 4 – 0 (4L)

Previous Results

Round 1
Greece – Netherlands 5-7 (after penalties)
France – Hungary 6-16

Round 2
Italy – France 14-4
Netherlands – Russia 12-15

Round 3
Greece – Russia 8-7
Hungary – Italy 13-11 (after penalties)

Round 4
Netherlands – Greece 10-9
Hungary- France 15-4

Round 5
Russia – Netherlands 13-15 (after penalties)
France – Italy 5-16

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