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Hooligans attack Red Star players, Jadran HN stops Mladost

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A few interesting and important games were played in the 13th round of the Regional League. Still, the biggest story of the day isn’t a match, but an incident that was happened in Split. A few Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) water polo players were attacked by a group of hooligans. Because of that, the match Mornar- Red Star was delayed.

Today, early in the afternoon, a group of youngsters attacked three Red Star players, who were drinking  coffee in a restaurant by the sea. The hooligans tried to beat up the players . Two players managed to run away. The third one (goalkeeper Aleksandro Kralj) suffered a few strong punches and saved himself by jumping into the sea.

Red Star players and the management left Split after the attack and the match was delayed. Water Polo Federation of Serbia, WP of Croatia and Water Polo Club Mornar condemn the attack.

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– The players didn’t wear the jackets with Red Star emblems. A waiter in the restaurant saw the emblem under the jacket. After an unpleasant talk with the waiter, the players wanted to move to another restaurant. At that moment, the hooligans attacked the players – Igor Milojevic, Red Star director said. He added that hooligans had come with sticks. Milojevic also said that a group of well-minded citizens of Split had helped Alesandro Kralj after the attack.

– Something like this has never happened in the history of the Regional League. I hope that this incident won’t ruin good relationships between the clubs which compete in the Regional League- said Perica Bukic, the president of the Croatian Water Polo Federation.

After a long unbeaten run (11 wins and 1 draw), Mladost has suffered the first loss in this season‘s Regional League. The Zagreb-based team was defeated in a derby match against Jadran in Herceg Novi.

Jadran Herceg Novi managed to recover from a disappointing loss to Jug (7:14) a week ago and claimed an important win. Mladost started pretty well in the match against Jadran. The Croats earned a 5:2 lead in the 7th minute. Mladost controlled the game until the middle of the third period. The visitors led 7:5 early in the third quarter. Jadran answered with four goals in a row and gained a 9:7 advantage a minute and a half from the last break. Mladost cut the deficit by the end of the quarter (8:9), and it equalized in their first possession in the fourth quarter (9:9). It stood 10:10 three minutes before the last buzzer. In the remaining time, Jadran scored three goals in a row for a 13:10 victory.

Another important game in a hunt for the Final Four was the match Jadran Split – Jug, played in Split. Deep into the 1st period, the hosts had a slim 2:1 lead. The title holder, led by a Russian Danil Merkulov responded with four goals in a row. Jug was three steps ahead at halftime (5:2). Jadran came close in the middle of the third (4:5). This was followed by a new Jug’s 4:0 series for a 9:4 lead. The Split-based side couldn’t recover from a new shock. Jug recorded a 12:7 win.

Jadran Herceg Novi climbed to the 2nd place in the table. Jug advanced to the 3rd place, while Jadran Split fell from the 2nd to the 4th place.

Two clubs from Serbia traveled to Split this weekend. Besides Crvena Zvezda, Sabac visited Split. The Serbian Cup winner had no problems outside the pool as well as in the Sports Center “Poljud”. Sabac defeated last-placed POSK 11:7. POSK opened the game with a 3:0 lead. But Sabac stroke back strongly and went 5:3 up by halftime. The visitors doubled an advantage in the second half of the game (11:7).

Partizan hosted Primorac. The visitors from Montenegro had a 2-goal advantage (2:0) after the 1st quarter. The hosts soon “woke up” and went 5:3 up eight seconds before halftime. The second quarter proved crucial for Partizan’s win, as the third and fourth period were balanced (9:7).

Regional League, 13th round

A1 league

Jadran HN 13:10 Mladost
(3:5, 2:1, 4:2, 4:2)

Jadran Carine Herceg Novi: Popadic 3, Averka 3, Dj. Radovic 3, Spajic, M. Petkovic.
HAVK Mladost: Mi. Cuk 3, Radu 3, Buljubasic 2, A. Petkovic, Bajic.

Jadran S 7:12 Jug
(2:2, 0:3, 2:3, 3:4)

Jadran Split: Setka 2, Zovic 2, Krapic, Kovacic, Delic.
Jug: Merkulov 4, Fatovic 2, Jokovic, Benic 2, Loncar, Papanastasiou.

Partizan 9:7 Primorac
(0:2, 5:1, 2:2, 2:2)

Partizan: Vickovic 2, Radulovic 2, Radonjic 2, Tomic, Brankovic, Nesic.
Primorac: Krijestorac 2, M. Perkovic 2, Crepulja, A. Petrovic, Matkovic, Ivankovic.

POSK 7:11 Sabac
(3:1, 0:4, 1:2, 3:4)

POSK: Penavca 2, Ostojic, Vukic.
Sabac: Toholj 2, Rogac 2, N. Markovic, Velkic, Lukic, M. Jankovic, Vucinic, Bolovic.

1 Mladost (CRO) 13 – 34
2 Jadran HN (MNE) 13 – 30
3 Jug (CRO) 13 – 29
4 Jadran S (CRO) 13 – 28
5 Mornar (CRO) 12 – 19
6 Sabac (SRB) 13 – 15
7 Crvena Zvezda (SRB) 12 – 11
8 Partizan (SRB) 13 – 11
9 Primorac (MNE) 13 – 7
10 POSK (CRO) 13 – 3

A2 League (12th round)

Group 1-6 places

Solaris – Vojvodina 13:6
Radnicki- Nais 7:5
Primorje – Budva 10:8

1 Solaris (CRO) 12 – 33
2 Radnicki (SRB) 12 – 31
3 Budva (MNE) 12 – 28
4 Primorje (CRO) 12 – 24
5 Nais (SRB) 12 – 22
6 Vojvodina 12 – 21

Group 7 – 12 places

Koper – Medvescak 11:8
Zadar 1952 – Cattaro 8:7
Galeb – Valjevo 6:10

7 Valjevo (SRB) 12 – 17
8 Zadar (CRO) 12 – 13
9 Koper (SVN) 12 – 10
10 Medvescak (CRO) 12 – 9
11 Cattaro (MNE) 12 – 4
12 Galeb (CRO) 12 – 0


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