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Honved and Miskolc collect important points in big thrillers

Nikola Jaksic was the top scorer of the 11th round

Favorites had no mercy in the 11th round of the Hungarian Championships. Eger, OSC, Szolnok, and Ferencvaros continued to win with ease. But there were a lot of excitements in other matches.

Group A

Reigning champion Ferencvaros, led by a young Serb Nikola Jaksic (6 goals), beat Szentes – 16:5.

Before the game Honved vs. PVSK, a small ceremony was held. A legendary Marton Szivos (Honved) received a special trophy because this was his 500th match in the Hungarian League.

Honved earned three points by a narrow win over PVSK Pecs (10:9).

The visitors from Pecs opened the game with a 2:0 lead. Honved managed to build a 2-goal advantage by the halftime (5:3). The Budapest-based side entered the 4th quarter with an 8:6 lead. Honved water polo players added two goals early in the last period (10:6), which proved vital in their win. The hosts weren’t able to score in the remaining time, but they kept the win and the 4th place in the table. After this match, the gap between Honved and the 5th-placed Miskolc is 6 points. The top scorers were Adam Manhercz (Honved) and a Serb Zlatko Rakonjac (PVSK), who scored three goals each.

Eger beat AVUS (14:8), while BVSC had an easy task against KSI. BVSC beat the last-placed team by 7 goals (12:5).

Group B

Szolnok hosted Tatabanya. The 2017 European champion needed a lot of time to break the rival. Tatabanya kept with the favorites for while. Early in the third period, the visitors trailed 4:5. After that Tatabanya players couldn’t find the net until the end, while Szolnok scored four goals in a row for a 9:4 win.
OSC had no problems in the match against UVSE. The group-leader extended its winning streak to 11 with a 12:3 victory.

The most thrilling game of the day was an encounter between Miskolc and Vasas. Before the third quarter, Miskolc had a 3-goal advantage (8:5). But, after that, the visitors from Budapest shut out their opponents for more than 12 minutes, while Vasas scored four goals for a 9:8 lead. A minute and a half before the last buzzer, Vasas was a goal ahead (10:9). Miskolc’s Adam Nagy hit the back of the net twice in the last 81 seconds, Vasas wasn’t able to score. The hosts recorded an 11:10 win.

Vasas had a big chance to return into the race for the 4th place and for the Top 8 group. The Budapest-based side is seven points behind 4th-placed Debrecen three round before the end. Vasas still has a slim chance to reach the group for places 1-8, as it will have an easier schedule than Debrecen, but the difference is big.

Debrecen, playing at home pool, defeated last-placed Kaposvar by 2 goals (13:11). There were no thrills in the last minutes, despite the difference between the sides was just two goals in the end. Debrecen jumped to an 11:3 lead deep into the 2nd quarter. Kaposvar dominated the third and the fourth period, but Debrecen’s win was never in danger.

Hungarian Championship, 11th round

Group A

Ferencvaros 16:5 Szentes
(3:1, 5:1, 4:1, 4:2)

Ferencvaros Telekom: Jaksic 6, Sz. Jansik 2, D. Gal 2, Nikic 2, Sedlmayer, T. Nemet, Kallay, Younger.
Szentes: M. Nagy 2, D. Gyorgy, K. Pellei, Kuzmenko

Eger 14:8 AVUS
(3:1, 4:3, 3:2, 4:2)

Eger: A. Decker 4, Hosnyanszky 4, Murisic 2, Santa, T. Gyarfas, Avramovic, S. Rasovic.
AVUS: Ekler 2, Kurucz 2, Cs. Kiss, Garancsy, Polovic, Basara.

Honved 10:9 PVSK
(1:2, 4:1, 3:3, 2:3)

Honved: A. Manhercz 3, A. Kardos 2, R. Simon , Szivos, Illes, Zs Juhasz, Sziranyi.
PVSK Pecs: Rakonjac 3, E. Csacsovszky 2, Chilko 2, A. Csacsovszky, Zerinvary .

(2:3, 1:4, 0:3, 2:2)

KSI: Schmolcz 2, B. Turnai, B. Bobis, Bihacsi.
BVSC: Csapo 2, Varnai 2, Pasztor 2, P. Kovac, Cs. Meszaros , Bendeguz Szabo, B. Torok, P. Sugar, Agh.

1 FTC 11 – 33
2 Eger 11 -30
3 BVSC 11 -19
4 Honved 11 – 19
5 PVSK 11 – 13
6 Szentes 11 -10
7 AVUS 11 – 6
8 KSI 11 – 0

Group B

Szolnok 9:4 Tatabanya
(2:1, 3:2, 1:1, 3:0)

Szolnok: Angyal, Batori, Zalanki, Szatmari, Aleksic, V. Rasovic, Prlainovic, Lazic, D. Jansik.
Tatabanya: Kolozsi 3, Hoppal.

Miskolc-Vasas 11:10
(3:2, 5:3, 0:2, 3:3)

Miskolc: Misic 3, Larincz 2, A. Nagy 2, Bowen 2, Banicevic, Stojanovic.
Vasas: Bencz 3, Rauscher 3, H, Simon 3, Halek.

(3:1, 5:1, 1:0, 3:1)

OSC: Bundschuh 3, Ubovic 3, F. Salamon 2, Erdelyi, G. Kovacs, M. Toth, Dr. Brguljan.
UVSE: Korbacs, B. Baksa, D. Dala.

Debrecen-Kaposvar 13:11
(5:2, 6:2, 0:2, 2:5)

DVSE Debrecen.: Dary 3, G. Kovacs 3, Fekete 2, P. Macsi, Fejas, Smitula, Dienes, Gyurik.
Kaposvar: Giga 4, Telegdy 2, A. Lukac 2, Santavy, K. Toth, O. Kovacs.

1 OSC 11 -33
2 Szolnok 11 – 30
3 Miskolc 11 – 27
4 Debrecen 11 – 15
5 UVSE 11 – 9
6 Vasas 11- 8
7 Tatabanya 11 – 7
​8 Kaposvar 11 – 1

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