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Honvéd, Eger, Szolnok, OSC in Hungarian cup semis

Photo: Marcel ter Bals.

The favourites did not disappoint. In two games some tough competitors were eliminated with Honvéd edging Szeged 9-8 in game 2 at home last Tuesday. Miskolc defeated Eger 11-10 at home on Saturday but after the round 1 defeat, it was not enough.

OSC clearly proved too much for BVSC while Szolnok held outsider FTC out of the semi-finals. FTC held the reigning national champions to a 7-7 draw in game 2 but had suffered a clear defeat in Szolnok in the teams’ first quarterfinals meeting earlier.

The draw for the semi-finals match-ups is expected early this week.

Hungarian cup (Benu Magyar Kupa)

Game 2

November 29:

Honvéd vs. Szeged 9-8 (2-1, 4-4, 0-2, 3-1)
Honvéd scorers: Fejős 3, Gyárfás T. 2, Kiss G., Szivós, Simon A., Fazekas.

Szeged scorers: Pellei 2, Basara 2, Kiss Cs., Sánta, Manhercz K., Manhecz Á.

December 3:

Miskolc vs. Eger 11-10 (1-2, 3-4, 4-0, 3-4)
Miskolc scorers: Bowen 4, Misic 3, Hornyák, Vadovic, Miklós L., Milicic.

Eger scorers: Erdélyi 4, Hárai 2, Lőrincz, Bedő, Kovács Gergő, Milos Cuk.

BVSC vs. OSC 5-8 (2-1, 1-2, 1-4, 1-1)
BVSC scorers: Csapó, Létay, Molnár K., Kovács P., Ambrus F.

OSC scorers: Bátori 2, Gór-Nagy 2, Salamon., Seman, Bundschuh, Drasko Brguljan.

FTC vs. Szolnok 7-7 (2-1, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2)
FTC scorers: Marko Cuk 2, Dőry 2, S. Mitrovic, Nyéki, Tóth M.

Szolnok scorers: Vámos 2, Aleksic, Younger, Prlainovic, Jansik D.

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