Holly Lincoln-Smith eager to show more after first win

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The Aussie Stingers are set for their second match of the 2016 Olympics against Italy after a big 14-4 win over Russia got their campaign underway Tuesday. Holly Lincoln-Smith, who is in her second Olympics, obviously was pleased with the opening match: “Our first game against Russia was amazing. The last time we had played them we won by 1 in the last second of the game. A lot of people are asking if they are a good team and if we were ever going to struggle against and honestly we went in not knowing how we would go because we have only played them once in the last few years. We just talked about us and what we needed to do as a team. I think focusing too much on the other team and what they are going to do distracts you from your own teams capabilities and what we can bring to the game. We play Italy Thursday so are going to keep that mind-set going through to that game. It’s going to be a really big game with both teams knowing this win could potentially secure top of our pool.

We are really lucky to have a HUGE support group in the crowd and the energy they had in the stands could 100% be felt on the pool deck and when everyone was singing the anthem at the top of their lungs I don’t think there was a single person on our team that didn’t get emotional.

We are all really excited about the games ahead. There is a genuine love of playing that I think can be seen when we play. We have had 1 win but right now that counts for nothing. We still have 5 games and each game we need to play a little better than the last”, Lincoln Smith told

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