Greece ties Rusia and joins Croatia in the quarterfinals of U20 World Championship

Canada - Italy Photo: Ivica Veselinov

Two teams booked their places in the quarterfinals of the 19 World Men’s Junior Water Polo Championship in Belgrade. A round before the end of the preliminary phase, Greece and Croatia secured first places in their respective groups. Hungary is very close to the quarterfinals, while tomorrow’s match Serbia-Australia will decide who will take the 1st place in Group C and secure place in the quarterfinals.
Group winners will qualify directly to the quarterfinals, while 2nd and 3rd placed will play in eight-finals.

First draw in a thriller finish

A group

Russia – Greece (click to enlarge) Photo: Ivica Veselinov

The fourth day of the championships saw the first draw. Russia and Greece shared the points (10:10). The Greeks should be more satisfied than their rival. A point, which they won in a thriller finish, was enough for the 1st place in Group A. The match had a lot of turns. Greece took an early lead (2:0), but Russia scored three goals in a row and went on 3:2. The Greeks came back two times (3:3, 4:4). Two minutes before the end of the first half Danil Merkulov gained a red card. It was a fine stimulus for Greece, which earned a two-goal lead till the 5-minutes rest (6:4). In the following 8 minutes, Russia reduced the gap (8:7 for Greece before the final quarter) and netted three consecutive goals in a span of fewer than 3 minutes of the 4th period for a 10:8 lead (2:26 by the end). Charalampos Troulos secured a “golden point” for Greece by two goals in the last 76 seconds.

Tyler Abramson (6 goals) led the USA team to a win against Puerto Rico. The Americans were going to step by step. After the first quarter (4:0), they slowed down in the next 16 minutes, so before the last quarter the score was 11:6. In the last period, USA blew Puerto Rico with seven unanswered goals for a 18:6 lead. Two minutes before the last buzzer Puerto Rico scored its 7th goal for a final score 18:7.

Spain overpowers Montenegro

Group B

Water polo Spain Grandos

Alvaro Grandos,Spain (click to enlarge)

The encounter Montenegro- Spain was supposed to be one of the derbies in Group B. But, the Spaniards overpowered Montenegro. In the first and the second quarter really was a derby. Montegero gained a 9:8 advantage in the first 16 minutes of the game. But, after a 5-minute rest, everything turned around. Spain went three goals ahead (12:9), two minutes before the end of the 3rd period. Till the final period, both sides scored a goal each. In the last quarter, Spain continued in the unchanged rhythm for a 17:12 victory. The best scorer in a flood of goals was the Montenegrin Nikola Moskov (5 goals). The most effective in the team of Spain were Bustos and Granados (four goals each). Spain secured the 2nd place behind the team of Croatia. The Montenegrins will probably take the 3rd place, but they must be careful in tomorrow’s game against Japan.

The Netherlands and Japan fought a big battle. By the end of the third period, the Dutch led 10:9. But, at the middle of the final period, the score was 11:10 for Japan. The Netherlands netted three in a row for a 13:11 lead (2:53). Kageta reduced the gap to one (13:12), 1:19 by the end. In the next attack, Radji scored for the first win of The Netherlands in Belgrade (14:12). Japan, which scored 33 goals in three matches is still without a single point.

Group C

Serbia water polo players didn’t show anything new. Vladimir Vujasinovic’s squad achieved the third big victory, this time against New Zealand – 25:5. In the first round, the titleholders beat Argentina (25:6) Yesterday, they beat China (27:4). Today, in the match against “Kiwis”, Serbia earned a ten-goal lead  in the 11th minute (11:1), and with a very good percentage of shots (25 of 37) came to 25:5. Top scorer of the game was Radonjic (5 goals). Drasovic, Jankovic and Radojevic followed him, with four goals each.

Australia didn’t show a brilliant play, but “Sharks” didn’t let surprise against Argentina. They celebrated a 14:5 victory in a match which was a preparation for the most important encounter in the group, for the match against Serbia.

Group D

The Italians stunned Canada 15:5. They almost secured 2nd place in the group with these two points. They will be even the first if Canada surprises Hungary tomorrow. But, it is hard to expect such outcome. Canada scored the first goal at the match in the third minute. Then followed 8 consecutive goals of the team of Italy for 8:1. The Italians were 9:3 up at half-time. Canada couldn’t change anything in the second half.

Hungary water polo players achieved the third win in a row with ease. They defeated Egypt 22:5. Leaders of the team were Krisztian Manhercz and Kristof Szatmari, who scored four goals both.

Scores, standings, schedule

Group A

Russia 10:10 Greece
(1:2, 3:4, 3:2, 3:2)

Russia: Kharkov 4, Zakirov 3, Andreev 2, Merkulov 1.
Greece: Troulos 3, Gkiouvetsis 2, Nikolaidis 1, Papanastosiou 1, Moudatidis 1, Gianonopuoluos 1, Moudatidis.

USA 18:7 Puerto Rico
(4:0,4:3, 3:3, 7:1)

USA: Abramson 6, Daube 2, Osborne 2, Cavano 2, Molthen 2, Hooper 2, Woodhead 1, Bisconti 1.
Puerto Rico: Zayas 3, Andino 2, Loubriel 2.

1.Greece 4-7
2.USA 3-4
3.Russia 3-3
4.Iran 3-2
5.Puerto Rico 3-0

Group B

Montenegro 12:17 Spain
(4:4, 5:4, 1:5, 2:4)

Montenegro: Moskov 5, Mitrovic 3, Saveljic 1, Ukropina 1, Gardasevic 1, Spaic 1.
Spain: Bustos 4, Granados 4, Calatrava 3, Valverde 3, Gomez 1, Carrasco 1, Tahull 1.

Netherlands 14:12 Japan
(3:3, 4:4, 3:2, 4:3)

Netherlands: Mama Radji 3, Smelt 3, De Mey 3, Van den Burg 2, Bersselaar 2, De Weerd 1.
Japan: Date 3, Suzuki 3, Kobayashi 2, Kageta 2, Inaba 2.


1.Croatia 3-6
2.Spain 3-4
3.Montenegro 3-2
4.Netherlands 3-2
5.Japan 3-0

Group B

New Zealand 5:25 Serbia
(1:8, 0:8, 2:2, 2:7)

New Zealand: Catlian 2, Jancic 1, Paterson 1, Matthews 1.
Serbia: Radonjic 5, Jankovic 4, Drasovic 4, Radojevic 4, Velkic 3, Lukic 2, Tomic 1, Vucinic 1, Gvozdanovic1

Australia 14:5 Argentina
(3:2, 4:1, 3:0, 4:2)

Argentina: Kyriakou 4, Anstey 3, Putt 2, Elphick 1, Hallam 1, Vos 1.
Argentina: P. Gido 2, Facundo 1, Pozo Tomas 1, Augusto 1.

1.Serbia 3-6
2.Australia 3-6
3.China 3-2
4.Argentina 4-2
5.New Zealand 3-0

Group D

Italy 15:5 Canada
(5:1, 4:2, 2:1, 4:1)

Italy: Canella 4, Mezzarobba 2, Guidi 2, Campopiano 2, Maccioni 2, Manzi 2, Guerrato 1.
Canada: D’Souza 2, Jones 1, Reiher 1, Cote 1.

Hungary 22:5 Egypt
(5:1, 5:2, 5:2, 7:0)

Hungary: Manhercz 4, Nagy 3, Burian 3, Vadovics 2, Selley-Rauser 2, Simon 2, Zerinvary 1, Csacsovszky 1.
Egypt: Elsagh 2, Nabil 1, Hashem 1, Essmat 1.

1.Hungary 3-6
2.Italy 3-4
3.Canada 3-4
4.Egypt 4-2
5.South Africa 3-0

Wednesday, August 10th

9:00 Puerto Rico-Russia
10.:20 USA – Iran
11:40 Japan – Montenegro
13:00 Netherlands – Croatia
16.40 New Zealand – China
18.00 Canada – Hungary
20.40 Italy – South Africa


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