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Full throttle Barceloneta, Mataro had no chance

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One big triumph after another. Barceloneta defended Copa del Rey two days ago, and tonight Chus Martin’s team once again showed some muscles against local rival Quadis Mataro in round 13 of Divison de Honor. Barceloneta won 17-6, and it was its 15th win against this rival in last 16 matches.

Obviously, there was no dilemma in this game. Barceloneta players showed quality, played with focus through the whole match and in the end, it was a convincing and well-deserved victory for the home team.

Barceloneta is now four points clear of another local rival Sabadell who will play against CN Catalunya on Saturday, February 4th. For Barceloneta, tonight’s win is also important because this club continued its winning streak at home in Divison de Honour to eight games.

Mataro was good in the first quarter, they managed to stop Barceloneta’s firepower, but after that period guest team lost its pace. Or maybe the right way to put it is – Barceloneta started to play with full force.

And when that happened, there was no way back. Led by Alberto Munarriz Gana, Barceloneta scored five goals in the second quarter and also played great defense and didn’t conceive any. At half-time Barceloneta led by six goals – 7:1.

The home team continued to play well in the second half, so the only dilemma was with what goal difference is this match going to end. Ramiro Andres Veich was Mataro’s best scorer tonight with two goals.

Sabadell continued to chase first placed Barceloneta. And on Saturday night Sabadell was ruthless against hosts Catalunya – 12:3.

It was a fifth straight win in Division de Honor for the visiting team and Sabadell now again closed the gap to leading Barceloneta to just two points.

Mediterrani surprised third placed Terrasa and won 11:10, while at home Rubi played 4-4 with Real Canoe.

Division de Honor

Round 13
Tuesday, January 24

Barcelona – Molins de Rey 19-6 (4-2. 7-1, 5-2, 3-1)

Barcelona: Flores 5, Goma 4, Lopez 2, Portana 2, Simarro 2, Calatrava 2, Van Ijperen, Pleguezuelos,
Molins de Rey: Schweimer, Esteba, Marti, Muller, Corsi, Smelt, Cillero.

Tuesday, January 31:

Barceloneta – Quadis Mataro 17:6
Barceloneta: Egana 4, S. Rasovic 2, Guell 2, Sanchez 2, Gonfaus 2, Compte 2, V. Rasovic, Miranda, Lozina.
Quadis Mataro: Veich 2, Triola, Graupera, Cruz, Cerda.

Saturday, February 4:
Mediterrani – Terrassa 11-10 (3-3, 3-2, 3-1, 2-4)

Mediterrani: Dominguez 3, Murillo 3, Esteban 2, Van den Burg, Yanez, Urzainqui
Terrasa: Illana 3, Igual 2, Tevar 2, Eixarch, Ortega, Galeev

Rubi – Real Canoe 7-7 (2-0, 2-2, 2-2, 1-3)

Rubi: Castrillo 2, J. Madridano, Trabal, Grab, D. Madridano, Caballero

Real Canoe: Santiago 3, Martin 2, Bejar, De la Puente

Catalunya – Sabadell 3-12

Catalunya: Dughther, Ruiz, De la Iglesia
Sabadell: Alguacil 3, Valverde 3, Jara 2, Puga, Vela, Sanchez, Gemar

Sunday, February 19:
Navarra – Sant Andreu

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