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French water polo takes step forward

Suic (Strasbourg)

French water polo has been becoming more and more attractive and competitive in these last few years. After 24 years, France national team has qualified for the Olympic Games (Rio) and the World Championship (Budapest).

We can also notice some major players in top European teams such as Marzouki (Kazan), Saudadier (Spandau), Blary (Sport Management) or even Crousillat, who won the Champions League with Szolnok last season.

On the other hand, we can also see a lot of top players that joined French clubs this summer, such as Scepanovic and Vukicevic in Marseille or Crousillat’s comeback to Aix en Provence.

The limit of foreigners in a club has also disappeared, so we can see that teams like Noisy, Marseille or the new powerhouse, Strasbourg are becoming stronger and stronger.

It seems 5 teams will fight for the finals and that it would be very difficult, even for a specialist, to predict which is gonna be champion at the end of the season. Indeed, after 5 rounds of the French championship, we can see that Strasbourg, Marseille, Aix en Provence, Nice and Montpellier are the top 5 teams, as expected, although Montpellier has already lost 3 games against Strasbourg, Nice and Aix en Provence. Only Strasbourg hasn’t lost any game yet.

Many surprises are expected during the season that we will follow on

French championships, 5th round

Noisy-le-Sec – CN Marseille 8:9 (3:2, 2:0, 2:4, 1:3)
Strasbourg – Olympic Nice 10:3 (2:0, 3:1, 2:2, 3:0)
Sete Natation – EN Tourcoing 7:23 (2:6, 2:6, 2:6, 1:5)
Pays d’Aix Natation – Montpellier 13:11 (1:4, 6:3, 3:2, 3:2)

1. Strasbourg 5 – 15
2. Marseille 5 – 12
3. Nice 4 – 9
4. Pays d’Aix 4 – 9
5. Montpeiller 5 – 6
6. Tourcoing 4 – 6
7. Noisy-le-Sec 4 – 1
8. Sete 5 – 1
9. Douai 4 – 0

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