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Fradi wins super derby, but Szolnok claims the top spot

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What a derby, what a game! Ferencvaros won at Szolnok 13:11 in the match of the final Round 14 of the first phase of the Hungarian championship.

However, Szolnok won the first place in the A group thanks to a better head to head record for just one goal. In the first part of the season, Szolnok won in Budapest 11:8.

Today, Szolnok started the game well and had the control of the game in the first quarter. Milan Aleksic and Zivko Gocic found the net to give the home team a lead at the start. In the next couple of minutes, it was “fire” all over the place and Szolnok had a 5:3 advantage after eight minutes.

In the second quarter, Ferencvaros turned everything around. Denes Varga started with a goal and Norbert Madaras continued with a hattrick to give the visiting team a 7:5 lead.

At the start of the third period, Stefan Mitrovic scored and Fradi got a desired three goals advantage. That goal finally woke up Szolnok players, Younged netted twice and Gocic added one more so the home team was at 9:10. But, before the end of the third quarter, Nikic scored for Fradi.

In the last period, Szolnok didn’t let the visitors get a three-goal advantage again and Fradi didn’t have an energy for the final charge.

Nevertheless, this win will be an important proof for Fradi that it can play a level with Szolnok who recorded a second consecutive loss after they were also defeated at Eger in the Champions League.

In the last match of the Group B, Eger, who already secured the first place in the standings won at home against visiting OSC – 8:7. It was a real derby and the winner was decided in the last two minutes.

Gergo Kovacs scored an equalizing goal for Eger and then the stage was set for a drama. Tonight’s hero was Serbian Strahinja Rasovic who found the net a minute and a half before the end of the game to give the home team a crucial advantage.

Without any doubt, one of the biggest winners of the day is Debreceni water polo club who clinched the fourth place in the A group and secured a spot in the Championship division of the next stage.

It was a real drama because Debreceni drew 9:9 away at Kaposvari who was also fighting for the fourth place an needed a win in this match.

Also, Vasas had a chance for the play-off place, also had to win against BVSC in Budapest derby, but in the end, they lost 9:8.

The match in Kaposvar was one of the most exciting water polo displays this season in Hungary. The scoreline was 5:5 at the halftime and it was obvious that this game is going to have a dramatical finale.

The visitors turned the match around and gained a 9:7 lead. The last three minutes were all Kaposvár. Abel Lukacs scored an equalizer 34 seconds before the end to tie the game. So, that left Kaposvar with a hope that they can get a crucial win, but it turned out that Debrecen managed to defend a draw.

And in Budapest derby Vasas was brutal at the start, taking a 4:1 lead at the start of the second quarter. But, BVSC quickly answered and with three goals in a row from Szabo, Pasztor, and Czigany, managed to equalize before the end of the first half.

In the third quarter, BVSC gained control of the game – Ambrus, Pasztor, and Letay all scored to give the home team a solid two-goal advantage (7:5).

Vasas did manage to win the last quarter 3-2, but it was not enough to complete a task which would give them a place in the Championship group of the national competition.

Round 14

Szeged 5:18 Miskolci
(2:4, 0:3, 0:5, 3:6)

Szeged: Korbán 3, Berki, Fodor.
Miskolci: Bowen 5, Misic 5, Sánta, Berta 2, Kuzmenko 2, Vadovics, Milicic

Domino Avus 9:4 UVSE
(3:1, 4:3, 2:0, 0:0)

Domino Avus: Garancsy 3, Basara 3, Ekler 2, Ukumanov
UVSE: Tóth, Vogel, Knezy, Balksa.

Szentesi 8:8 Tatabanya
(2:1, 1:3, 2:3, 3:1)

Szentesi: Nagy, Palotás 2, Vörös 2, Takács, Visnyakov
Tatabanya: Kalanovics 3, Kolarik 3, Francsics 2

Honved 9:9 PVSK
(1:3, 3:1, 2:4, 3:1)

Honved: Szivós 4, Illés 2, Kiss, Simon, Gyárfás
PVSK: Csacsovszky, Chilkó 2, Lajkó 2, Krizsán, Szatmári, Rakonjac

BVSC 9:8 Vasas
(1:3, 3:2, 3:0, 2:3)

BVSC: Pásztor 4, Létay 2, Ambrus, Szabó, Czigány.
Vasas: Bencz 2, Babay 2, Sélley-Rauscher, Bóbis, Burián, Simon

Kaposvari 9:9 Debrecen
(2:3, 4:2, 1:2, 2:2)

Kaposvari: Vindisch 3, Sántavy 2, Juhász-Szelei 2, Dobos, Lukács Ábel
Debrecen: Vidovics 3, Kállay 2, Gyurik 2, Macsi, Boros

Eger 8:7 OSC
((1:2, 3:2, 2:1, 2:2)

Eger: Lőrincz 2, Hárai 2, Angyal, Bedő, Kovács Gergo, Rasovic
OSC: D. Brguljan 2, Erdélyi 2, Salamon, Kovács Gábor, Ubovic

Szolnok 11:13 Ferencvaros
(5:3, 0:4, 4:4, 2:2)

Szolnok: Younger 4, Gocic 2, Aleksic 2, Milos Cuk, Zalánki, Prlainovic
Ferencvaros: Madaras 3, Den. Varga 2, S. Mitrovic 2, Nikic 2, Jaksic 2, Jansik, Dan. Varga


Group A

1. Szolnoki 14 – 39
2. Ferencvaros 14- 39
3. BVSC 14 – 25
4. Debrecen 14 – 17
5. Kaposvari 14 – 16
6. Vasas 14 – 15
7. Domino Avus 14 – 9
8. UVSE 14 – 4

Group B

1. Eger 14 – 40
2. OSC 14 – 33
3. Miskolci 14 – 26
4. Honved 14 – 23
5. PVSK 14 – 17
6. Szentesi 14 – 13
7. Tatabanya 14 – 11
8. Szeged 14 – 0

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