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Fradi and Szolnok showed no mercy

Andrija Prlainovic
PHOTO: FB/szvsc

Szolnok and Ferencvaros water polo clubs continued the race for the top spot in the Winners stage of the Hungarian championship, while Eger is still at their tail.

The defending champion won at Miskolc swimming pool – 16:8 and it was their fifth consecutive victory against this rival.

Milos Cuk and Andrija Prlainovic were, especially in the good mood. Cuk scored four, while Prlainovic found the net three times.

Miskolc somehow managed to put up some resistance in the first half, but Szolnok still had three goals advantage. It was practically all over in the third period, when the visitors put a gear up and went to plus seven.

Ferencvaros proved once more that it is in brilliant form at the moment. Fradi trashed at home Honved – 14:3 and it was their 15th consecutive win in all competitions.

The home team was brutal, especially in the third quarter. Already at the halftime, Ferencvaros had an eight goals advantage and it was pretty clear this game was a one-way street.

Marton Vamos and Zoltan Pohl both scored hattricks tonight, while Stefan Mitrovic and Tamas Sedlmayer scored two goals each. Only in the last quarter, Honved managed not to lose at least one period.

Eger had a little bit tougher assignment in Budapest but eventually won against BVSC – 13:7. It was a neck to neck race in the first quarter but in the second the visitors exploded.

Daniel Angyal and Strahinja Rasovic both scored hattricks in this game. At the halfway, through the third quarter, Eger had a gigantic 10:2 lead. Just in the last eight minutes, they let BVSC pick up some pieces.

For Eger water polo players this was an important win after the dramatic loss in the last round against Ferencvaros.

Unlike BVSC, another team from Budapest, OSC water polo club recorded an easy win against Debrecen – 12:4. This was OSC just second win in the last four matches.

Erdelyi, Toth, and Gor-Nagy were all brilliant with scoring hattricks tonight.

Round 3

Winners stage

BVSC 7:13 Eger
(1:2, 0:5, 3:3, 3:3)

BVSC: Létay 2, Kovács, Ambrus, Mészáros, Szabó, Sugár
Eger: Angyal 3, S. Rasovic 3, Hárai 2, Lőrincz, Bedő, Kovács, Hosnyánszky, Cuckovic

Miskolc 8:16 Szolnok
(2:3, 2:4, 3:7, 1:2)

Miskolc: Bowen 5, Halek, Berta, Misic
Szolnok: Milos Cuk 4, Prlainovic 3, Bátori 2, Mezei 2, Younger 2, Hangay, Fülöp, Aleksic

OSC 12:4 Debrecen
(1:3, 3:0, 4:0, 4:1)

OSC: Erdélyi 3, Tóth 3, Gór-Nagy 3, Randjelovic 2, D. Brguljan
Debrecen: Somlai 2, Boros, Vidovic

Ferencvaros 14:3 Honved
(3:1, 6:0, 4:1, 1:1)

Ferencvaros: Vamos 3, Pohl 3, Sedlmayer 2, Mitrovic 2, Sziranyi, Nikic, Madaras, Manhercz
Honved: Kiss, Gyárfás, Balakirjev


1. Szolnok 48pts
2. Ferencvaros 48
3. Eger 46
4. OSC 39
5. Miskolc 29
6. Honvéd 26
7. BVSC 25
8. Debrecen 17

Losers stage

Domino Avus 6:14 PVSK
(1:4, 2:5, 2:3, 1:2)

Domino: Garancsy 2, Kiss, Takács, Ekler, Ukumanov
PVSK: A. Csacsovszky 4, Csaba 3, Szatmári 3, Lajkó 2, Chilkó, Safrankó

Szentesi 9:7 UVSE
(3:1, 4:0, 1:0, 1:1)

Szentesi: Nagy 3, Hegedűs, Pellei, Kiss, Vörös, Kókai, Visnyakov
UVSE: Baksa 2, Tóth, Simon, Keresztúri, Kmézy, Korényi

Vasas 9:2 Szeged
(3:1, 4:0, 1:0, 1:1)

Vasas: Bóbis 3, Bencz 2, Sélley-Rauscher 2, Steinmetz 2, Takács
Szeged: Börcsök, Mekkel


1. Pécs 23pts
2. Kaposvár (-1) 19,
3. Vasas 18,
4. Szentes (-1) 16
5. Tatabánya 14
6. AVUS 12
7. UVSE 4
8. Szeged 0

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