Former head of Brazilian Aquatic Sports Confederation jailed for corruption

Coaracy Nunes holding microphone
Photo: cartacapital.com.br

Media reported that on Thursday, April 6 the police arrested Coaracy Nunes (aged 78), under suspicion that he had diverted public funds and committed embezzlement. The financial officer of the confederation Sergio Ribeiro and water polo technical coordinator Ricardo Cabral were also detained.

Nunes was the head of the Brazilian Aquatic Sports Confederation (CBDA) since 1988 until March 23, 2017, and a member of the FINA ruling bureau as well. Lawyer Gustavo Licks will be the head of CBDA until the end of the investigation.

Police will examine spending over USD 15 million in public funds by the confederation. Reportedly, police has proof indicating that the officials took for themselves the money intended for athletes’ development. More than twenty athletes and former athletes told the Prosecution about the corruption and helped the investigation.

Marcelo Franklin, who is the attorney of Nunes, assessed the jailing as “unfair” and “unnecessary,” adding that Nunes recently had brain surgery.

Media carried a statement that FINA issued to announce that it will not comment the case before any formal judicial decision is made.


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