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Five thrilling encounters in 7th round of Regional League

The seventh round of the A1 Regional League offered five very thrilling encounters. All matches were uncertain until the last minutes.

The encounter between Mladost and Jadran in Zagreb, the derby of the round, saw big turns. Jadran stunned Mladost in the first half. After 10 minutes, the team from Herceg Novi led 3:0. Mladost its first goal scored in the middle of the second quarter (1:3) and opened a magnificent series. The hosts netted five goals in a row and jumped to 5:3 (1:52 before the last break). But Jadran came back and Popadic levelled the score (5:5) 1:45 before the last buzzer. Mladost had the last attack with a man-up, but the team from Zagreb didn’t hit the back of the net. The big rivals shared the points- 5:5.

Something similar happened in a local Split derby, where POSK faced Jadran Split. After the balanced first half (2:2), POSK produced a 3:0 rush in the third quarter and earned a 3-goal advantage (5:2). But, Jadran responded with four consecutive goals and turned around a deficit to a 6:5 lead. POSK went in front once more (7:6), but Kragic (Jadran) scored the equaliser in the 28th minute and game ended in a 7:7 draw.

Jug beat Budva, as a guest. But the title-holder had an unexpectedly hard task against the last-placed team. Jug led throughout the match, but the gap was never larger than two. Budva managed to level the score a few times. Before the last quarter, the rivals were on the same starting point – 8:8. Jug broke Budva till the middle of the fourth quarter. The guests, led by Serb Viktor Rasovic (five goals this evening) scored four goals in a span of two minutes and jumped to a 12:8 lead (3:53 before the end). The result wasn’t changed in the remaining period.

Partizan had a lot of problems with injuries before the encounter with Mornar, that was played in Belgrade. The first goalkeeper Dimitrije Risticevic missed the match because of an ear injury. The first quarter was balanced (1:1). In the second, Mornar slowed the rhythm of the game. Partizan couldn’t adapt easily, so Mornar earned a 7:4 lead early in the third period. The hosts soon started climbing back and they reduced the gap to one (7:8 in the 23rd minute). But, Mornar built a new 3-goal lead till the last break. In the last second of the 3rd period, Calic netted with a lob for 10:7. The guests kept the advantage in the last period (11:8). The team from Split climbed to the 4th position of the table and pushed Partizan to the 5th place.

Primorje water polo players took a flying start in the clash with Primorac and rushed to a 5:1 lead in the 11th minute. It seemed that they would achieve a victory with an ease. Primorje was 8:4 up at half-time. The second half of the match was completely differentPrimorac controlled the match in the second half and managed to equalise – 11:11 (1.35 on the clock). In the next attack, the Australian Ford George Wallace scored the winner for Primorje – 12:11

The most exciting match of the round in the A2 league was a Serbian derby, in which Crvena Zvezda defeated Sabac 12:11.

The 8th round of the Regional League will be played in January because clubs from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro will compete in their national cups next month.

Regional League, 7th round

A1 group

Mladost 5:5 Jadran HN
(0:2, 1:1, 4:1, 0:1)

HAVK Mladost: Markovic 2, Zovic, Bukic, Basic.
Jadran Herceg Novi: Popadic, Krijestorac, Merkulov, Dj. Radovic, Spajic.

POSK 7:7 Jadran S
(1:1, 1:1, 3:2, 2:3)

POSK: Elez 2, Begovic, Vuleta, Situm, Kunac, K. Butic.
Jadran Split: Z. Butic 2, Viskovic 2, Kragic, Power, Marelja.

Partizan 8:11 Mornar
(1:1, 3:5, 3:4, 1:1)

Partizan:F.Jankovic 3, Lazic 2, Lukic, Tomic, Radonjic.
Mornar:Zivkovic 3,Cagalj 2, Calic 2, Goreta 2, Buha, Vrdoljak .

Budva 8:12 Jug
(2:3, 3:2, 3:3, 0:4)

Budva: Mitrovic 3, Vuksanovic 2, Vujasevic, B. Popovic, Dragovic.
Jug: V. Rasovic 5, Lozina 3, Fatovic 2, Garcia, Renzuto.

Primorje 12:11 Primorac
(3:1, 5:3, 1:2, 3:5)

Primorje: Cunko 3, Blazic 2, Rakovac 2, Wallace 2, Peros, Tkac, Paparic.
Primorac: Gluhaic 3, A. Petrovic 2, Macic 2, Grgurevic 2, Crepulja.

1. Jug CO (CRO) 7 – 21
2. Mladost (CRO) 7 – 16
3. Jadran HN (MNE) 7 – 14
4. Mornar (CRO) 7 – 13
5. Partizan (SRB) 7 – 10
6. POSK (CRO) 7 – 8
7. Jadran S (CRO) 7 – 7
8. Primorje (CRO) 7 – 6
9. Primorac (MNE) 7 – 3
10. Budva (MNE) 7 – 3

A2 group

Crvena Zvezda – Sabac 12:11 (3:2, 4:2, 2:2, 2:4)
Medvescak – Solaris 8:6 (4:1, 3:1, 0:3, 1:1)
Cattaro – Zadar 12:6 (2:1, 3:2, 3:1, 4:2)
Vojvodina – Valjevo Gorenje 29th November

1.Crvena Zvezda (SRB) 7 – 21
2.Vojvodina (SRB) 5 – 12
3.Sabac (SRB) 6 – 12
4.Valjevo (SRB) 5 – 12
5. Cattaro (MNE) 7 – 8
6. Nais (SRB) 6 – 7
7. Medvescak (CRO) 6 – 7
8. Solaris (CRO) 6- 0
9. Zadar 1952 (CRO) 6 – 0


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