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Five teams hunt 4th place of Regional League

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Top three sides achieved wins in the 11th round of the Regional League, while the battle for the 4th place is becoming more and more interesting. Jug, Jadran Herceg Novi and Mladost won’t miss the Final Four, for sure, while five clubs are in the hunt for the last spot at the final tournament. The gap between Jadran Split (4th place) and POSK (8th place) is only three points.

The match of the day was an encounter between former European champions. Both clubs won seven titles in the Champions League (earlier named Champions’ Cup and Euroleague). Mladost hosted Partizan in Zagreb. The home team was a favourite and it led throughout the match, but till the end of the third period, the teams fought a big battle. The young side of Partizan climbed back from time to time, but it wasn’t able to level the score. Partizan trailed 5:6 in the middle of the third period and it was 6:8 down a minute before the last break. The visiting team ran out of gas for the last nine minutes. Mladost built a seven-goal cushion till the 30th minute (13:6) and secured a win (14:8).

Jug didn’t leave any chance to Jadran in Split. The title-holder was 8:1 up in the 10th minute and never looked back. Boosted by Loren Fatovic (5 goals), Jug stopped at 20 (20:9).

Jadran Herceg Novi, like Jug, collected all three points in Split. 2017 runner-up defeated POSK. The hosts led 3:1 (6th minute), then Jadran produced a 7:0 rush. Till halftime, the visiting team jumped to an 8:3 lead, leaving no questions open for the remaining two periods. POSK took the control in the second half of the game, but the visitors’ win was never in danger (9:7). Despite this loss, POSK still has slim chances to reach the Final Four.

Primorac step closer to F4

Primorac climbed to the 7th place of the table, with one point less than Partizan, while it now trails only 2 points to Jadran Split (4th place) and Mornar (5th place). In a very thrilling game, Primorac beat Mornar this evening. The match offered a lot of twists and turns. Mornar led 5:3 after the first quarter. The host Primorac dominated the second period. The Kotor-based produced a 4:0 rush and it was 7:5 up at halftime. Mornar managed to equalise by the end of the third quarter (7:7), but they couldn’t go in front anymore. Mornar levelled the score twice in the last period (8:8, 9:9). Primorac earned valuable points, winning 10:9.

Budva ran away from the bottom of the table beating Primorje in Rijeka. Primorje led 3:2 after the first period. Budva netted three goals in a span of 104 seconds and turned around a slim deficit to a 5:3 lead (2:24 before halftime). The visiting team kept the advantage, despite Primorje narrowed the gap to one three times in the third period (4:5, 5:6, 6:7). Budva earned its second win this season (9:6) and pushed Primorje to the last place of the table. Both teams have 6 points, but the Croats are in the 10th place, because of their inferior head-to-head record against Budva. They defeated Budva by a one-goal margin (6:5) in the second round of 2017/18 Regional League.

Incident in derby in Group A2

The big derby in Group A2 Vojvodina – Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) was interrupted two seconds from time because a spectator pushed a referee into the pool. In that moment the score was 7:7. Red Star scored an equaliser before the incident.

Regional League 2017/18, 11th round

Group A1

Mladost 14:8 Partizan
(3:2, 2:1, 4:3, 5:2)

Mladost: Lazic 3, Radu 3, Zovic 2, Bukic 2, Basic 2, Markovic, Milos.
Partizan: F. Jankovic 2, Lazic 2, Radanovic 2, Kasum ,Aksentijevic.

POSK 7:9 Jadran HN
(3:2, 0:6, 2:0, 2:1)

POSK: Begovic, Vukic, Elez, Bebic, Delic, Kunac, Borovcic Kurir.
Jadran Herceg Novi: Krijestorac 2, Merkulov 2, Ukropina, Gardasevic, Dj. Radovic, M. Petkovic, Spajic.

Jadran S 9:20 Jug
(1:6, 4:7, 1:3, 3:4)

Jadran Split: Milradovic 2, Butic, Power, Setka, Buzdovancic, Buselic, Marinic Kragic, Krapic.
Jug: Fatovic 5, V. Rasovic 3, Renzuto 3, Ivankovic 2, Macan 2, Loncar 2, Jokovic 2, Lozina.

Primorac 10:9 Mornar
(3:5, 4:0, 0:2, 3:2)

Primorac: G. Grgurevic 3, Crepulja 2, Gopcevic 2, A. Petrovic, Latinovic, D. Matkovic.
Mornar: Buha 2, Buric 2, Duzevic 2, Cagalj, Erak, Eric.

Primorje 6:9 Budva
(3:2, 0:3, 3:2, 0:2)

Primorje: Paparic 2, Cunko, Tkac, Rakovac, Wallace.
Budva: S. Vuksanovic 3, S. Cetkovic 2, M. Mitrovic 2, Yusuke, Franeta.

1. Jug (Croatia) 11 – 33
2. Mladost (Croatia) 11 – 8
3. Jadran Herceg Novi (Montenegro) 11 – 23
4. Jadran Split (Croatia) 11 – 14
5. Mornar (Croatia) 11 – 14
6. Partizan (Serbia) 11 – 13
7. Primorac (Montenegro) 11 – 12
8. POSK (Croatia) 11 – 11
9. Budva (Montenegro) 11 – 6
10. Primorje (Croatia) 11 – 6

Group A2

Valjevo – Zadar 1952 17:15
Medvescak – Cattaro 9:8
Nais – Solaris 9:8
Vojvodina – Crvena Zvezda

1. Crvena Zvezda (Serbia) 9 – 27
2. Vojvodina (Serbia) 9 – 21
3. Sabac (Serbia) 9 – 19
4. Nais (Serbia) 10 – 19
5. Valjevo (Serbia) 10 – 15
6. Cattaro (Montenegro) 10 – 11
7. Medvescak (Croatia) 10 – 10
8. Solaris (Croatia) 10 – 4
9. Zadar 1952 (Croatia) 9 – 0

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