First win for Hungary, easy jobs for Russia and Spain!

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The Russian national women water polo team continued to dominate at the European championship in Barcelona, while Hungary recorded the first win after a surprising defeat on Day one.

Also, Netherlands had an easy job today, while France beat Croatia and secured a double win for Les Bleus after a big win in the final of the men’s soccer World Cup in Moscow today.

The Hungarian national team wanted to prove that a defeat against Spain yesterday should simply be considered as a bad day. And they did that with style.

Already at the halftime, Hungary had an eleven goals advantage (13:2). It was just a matter of routine in the second half for them. Parkes was the best scorer with six goals, while Gurisatti and Keszthelyi found the net five times each.

Russians, who were third at the World Championships in Budapest last year, dominated from start to finish in a game against Serbia (27:2) and constantly increased the difference.

Serbian water polo players now expect tough matches against Hungary and Spain, which are at the same level as Russia, while Dejan Jovovic’s team will be able to score the first points in the last round against Turkey.

Russians took a 3:0 lead after three minutes of play, and then Jovana Pantovic scored for Serbia. However, the Russians did not stop, and they continued to score goals. Serbia was waiting for the next goal for almost 17 minutes when Nađa Novakovic found the net.

Russians played in the same rhythm until the finish and in the last eight minutes, they scored 10 goals.

The Netherlands national team one more time had a great 20 or more goals game. Today, they beat Israel 20:2 and in the first half Netherlands did not concede a single goal while scoring 15 times! Megens, Genee, Sevenich, and Koolhaas all scored hattricks.

France had a slightly tougher job against Croatia but still managed to win 17:6. Croatian team resisted in the first half in which the French only had a two goals advantage (6:3).

But, in the second half, everything was different. France was much, much better as Millot ended with a great performance and seven scored goals.

Greece secured a second win at the tournament, after beating Italy 7:6 with Asamaki being the best scorer of the game with two goals.
The host nation Spain, demolished Germany in the last match od Day 2 – Helena Lloret and Anna Gual both found the net five times.

Day 2

Turkey 5:32 Hungary
(1:8, 1:5, 1:9, 2:10)

Turkey: Burali 2, Kus 2, Elma
Hungary: Parkes 6, Gurisatti 5, Keszthelyi 5, Szucs 2, Illes 2, Csabai 2, Leimeter, Garda, Gyongyossy

Serbia 2:27 Russia
(1:6, 0:8, 1:3, 0:10)

Serbia: Pantovic, Novakovic
Russia: Simanovich 7, Karimova 4, Prokofyeva 3, Ryzhkova 3, Serzhantova 3, Ivanova 2, Timofeeva 2, Borisova

Israel 2:20 Netherlands
(0:8, 0:7, 0:3, 2:2)

Israel: Tal, Futorian
Netherlands: Megens 3, Genee 3, Sevenich 3, Koolhaas 3, Voorvelt 2, Rogge 2, Van der Sloot 2, Wolves, Stomphorst

Croatia 6:17 France
(1:4, 2:2, 1:6, 2:5)

Croatia: P. Bukic 2, D. Butic, I.Butic, Miljkovic, Badzim
France: Millot 7, Bachelier 3, Paillat 3, Mahieu 2, Guillet, Battu

Italy 6:7 Greece
(2:3, 2:2, 2:1, 0:1)

Italy: Queirolo 2, Bianconi 2, Emmolo, Avegno,
Greece: Asimaki 2, Avramidou, Tsoukala, Diamantopoulou, Eletheriadou, Plevritou

Germany 2:27 Spain
(2:7, 0:7, 0:7, 0:6)

Germany: Vosseberg, Eggert
Spain: Lloret 5, Forca 5, Gual 5, Pena 3, C. Espar 2, B. Ortiz 2, Leiton 2, Bach, A. Espar, M. Ortiz,


Group A

1. Netherlands 6pts
2. Greece 6
3. Italy 3
4. France 3
5. Croatia 0
6. Israel 0

Group B

1. Russia 6pts
2. Spain 6
3. Hungary 3
4. Germany 3
5. Serbia 0
6. Turkey 0

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