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FINA World Masters: Old guns still have a lot to offer

Alfred Hajos National Swimming Stadium

What an exciting day at Water polo World Masters Championships in Budapest. It was a real festival of the water polo, we saw 56 games in one day in both men and women competition and some of them were trully exiciting.

In the men’s category for age 30 and more, Hungarian team Neptun beat Belarus 8:3 in Round 3 of the preliminary phase to maintain the first place in the standings in Group Aand maximum number of points. Also, in Group B, the first place belongs to Olympic Club from the USA, a team which today won convicingly against Saint Petersburg from Russia.

For a bit older guys, 35 and above, Hungarian water polo teams continued to dominate. In Group A, Bull’s Blood defeated SV Rheinhausen from Germany – 8:4 to claim third victory, while in Group B, ESE 80 had to fight really hard to defeat Romanian Brenntag 9:8.
In the men’s category for 40 years and older, however, Brenntag was more successfull beating Brazilian Masters Rio – 8:7 and won the first place in Group C with maximum of six points.

The two most dominating teams in the 45+ years category for men are Hungarian YBL Octopus and Croatian Club Veteran. Octopus water polo team easily beat CSN Imperial from Romania – 14:8 to secure the first place in the Group A. At the same time, Croatian Veteran won against Waterpolo Stadion from Chile even more convincingly – 16:3.

Two of three most successful teams in 50+ category at this tournament come from Brazil – Masters Rio who beat Rheinhausen 11:5 in C group, and Mst Old Fellows, a team that won Round 3 derby against Hungarina Sunday Boys – 8:7 thanks to a goal from Leonardo Vergara six seconds before the final whistle.

As for the men’s 55+ category, German water polo team SV Cannstatt is at the highest level at preliminary stage of the competition. They beat Perth Cockatoos from Australia 10:6 to claim their third win. Their five years older coleagues, aged 60 or more also played some tough games on Wednesday. In the Group B Dutch HZC De Robben won against Argentinian Pampas 13:5, while in Group A St. Barbara from the USA defeated Perth 15:3.

American team Old Mission Bay claimed its second victory at the tournament in the category 65 and older. And their “victim” was Poseidon from Hamburg – 7:0. In the oldest men’s category at this championships – 70 year and more, we had the German derby which saw Cannstatt beat Poseidon 9:3.

As for the ladies, aged 30 and more, American team Bay Area trashed Eimsbuetteler 17:3, while Hungarian Budakalaszi also scored a big win against English Roses – 18:4. In the ladies category for age 35 plus, Italian team ASD Argentario beat Columbian Oggun de Pa 16:13 in the exciting match. It was their third win in this competition.

Wednesday, August 9

Men 30+

Preliminary Group A
Belarus Master – Neptun VSC 3:8
WPC Kazan – Bay Area Masters 9:6

Preliminary Group B
The Olympic Club – S. Petersburg Mst 14:3
WC Somovi – MAFC Masters 5:9

Men 35+

Preliminary group A
Bull’s Blood – SV Rheinhausen 8:4
East Bay Masters – CUSGEAS Milano 17:3
WPC Uzhgorod – The Olympic Club 5:16

Preliminary Group B
Mst Old Fellows – Real Canoe NC 6:8
SC Brenntag – ESE 80 8:9
Jadran Veterani – Mst WP 7:6

Men 40+

Preliminary Group A
WC Somovi – Triangle 3:7

Preliminary Group B
Pin. Milano – Galatasaray SK 9:12

Preliminary Group C
Masters Rio WC – SC Brenntag 7:8
OSC Senior – Belarus Master 7:11

Preliminary Group D
WPC Dynamo Kiev – Darkside 7:13
Oazis Sport Club – S. Petersburg Mst 8:11

Men 45+

Preliminary Group A
Tungsram SC – KVP H2O Piestany 9:3
AMPA ECP – Blue Thunder 14:7

Preliminary Group B
YBL Octopus – CSN Imperial 14:8
SV Rheinhausen – Baltic Masters 8:18

Preliminary Group C
PA Medellin – Budai LTD 20:4
Real Canoe NC – Europe Sporting 9:9

Preliminary Group D
S. Petersburg Mst – Helsingfors Sim. 9:2
Club Veteran 70 – Waterpolo Stadio 16:3

Men 50+

Preliminary Group A
Sunday Boys – Mst Old Fellows 7:8
Scottsdale WP – Polytechnic 4:5

Preliminary Group B
WPC Stara Sava – UWA City Beach 9:5
Dynamo Masters – Pampas 21:4

Preliminary Group C
Calgary Mst WPC – Bay Area Masters 3:11
SV Rheinhausen – Masters Rio WC 5:11

Preliminary Group D
The Olympic Club – WPC Kyiv 6:5
Happy Hippos – Old Boys Prague 14:4

Men 55+

Preliminary Group A
Helsingfors Sim. – Old Boys Prague 10:4
Attaboys club – MC Walrus 0:20

Preliminary Group B
Masters Rio WC – Europe Sporting 5:7
Sunday Boys – S. Petersburg Mst 10:5
Perth Cockatoos – SV Cannstatt 6:10

Men 60+

Group A
Veterans of WP – Calgary 4:6
St. Barbara Mst – Perth Cockatoos 15:3

Group B
SV Cannstatt – UWA City Beach 6:4
Europa Sporting – Blue Thunder 3:2
Pampas – HZC De Robben 5:13

Men 65+

Group A
Old Mission Bay – Poseidon Hamburg 7:0
Perth Cockatoos – Helsingfors 12:2

Group B
Kalevi Ujumiskol – St. Barbara 9:5
SV Cannstatt – KVP H2O Piestany 3:9

Men 70+

Group A
Poseidon Hamburg – SV Cannstatt 3:9
H2Oldies – Perth Cockatoos 3:7

Women 30+

Group A
Bay Area Masters – Eimsbuettler 17:3
Budakalaszi SC – English Roses 18:4
The Olympic Club – Banki VSE 13:2

Women 35+, 40+, 45+

Group A
Oggun de PA – ASD Argentario 13:16
English Roses – Donegall 12:8
PA Medellin – Sist. Integrati 1:23

Women 50+, 55+, 60+

Group A
Menlo Park WP – Calgary PS 2:10
Pink Pointers – Peninsula WP 19:3

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