FINA World Cup: Germany sunk Hungary!

Germany Photo: Marcel ter Bals/Deepbluemedia/Insidefoto)

The first day of the 16th FINA Men’s World Cup in Berlin saw a surprise. Home team Germany defeated Hungary in a very thrilling match. Other matches where one-sided games.

Group A

Hungary came to Berlin with a rejuvenated team. Hungary took the 8th place, while Germany was 9th at the 33rd European Championships in Barcelona. But despite these facts, Tamas Marcz’s squad was a favorite in this match as well as in Group A.

The Hungarians controlled the game for most of the time. In the middle of the match, they scored three unanswered goals and went from 4:4 to 7:4. It seemed that they would win, but Germany produced a big comeback with a 5:1 rush. In the middle of the last period, the home team was ahead (9:8). Hungary equalized (9:9). The hosts netted three in a row and built a big 12:9 gap 45 seconds from time. Hungary only reduced the deficit in the remaining time. Germany won 12:10.

Berlin has remained the unconquered fortress for Hungarian clubs and the national team in the last 10 months. During the club’s season, Spandau beat Eger (10:9) and Szolnok (also 10:9) at its pool in the Champions League.

Australia defeated Japan much easier than it was expected – 14:6. Japan, the best Asian water polo team, has been able to upset big favorites in the past few years. This time the Japanese were far from a surprise. Australia did a great job by stopping Seiya Adachi, Japanese best player. He didn’t score a single goal. On the other side, Aaron Younger four times hit the back of the net.

Group B

Title-holder Serbia demolished South Africa. Serbia arrived in Berlin with a very young squad, but “young guns” had no problems in the match against the underdog. The Africans found the net just three times, once in the first quarter and twice in the last period. Serbia recorded a 26:3 win. Gavril Subotic was unstoppable, he netted 6 goals.

World champion Croatia faced the team of the USA. The Croats, who are maybe the biggest favorites, had a slow start, but they earned their first 3-goal advantage late in the second quarter (6:3). The Americans, led by Alex Bowen (3 goals),came very close (6:7) in the 20th minute. Croatia responded with 3 goals in a span of 97 seconds and went 10:6 up. The Americans fought hard, but they couldn’t come back anymore. Croatia won 15:10.

FINA Men’s World Cup 2018, Day 1

Group A

Australia 14:6 Japan
(3:0, 3:0, 5:5, 3:1)

Australia: Younger 4, Kayes 3, Power 3, Howden 2, Edwards 2.
Japan:Arai 3, Suzuki, Inaba, Okawa.

Germany 12:10 Hungary
(1:2, 3:4, 4:2, 4:2)

Germany: Reibel 3, Real 3, Cuk 2, Restovic 2, Schulz, Eidner.
Hungary: Batori 3, S. Jansik 2, Zalnaki 2, D. Jansik, A. Nagy, Pasztor.

Group B

Serbia 21:3 South Africa
(4:1, 5:0, 7:0, 5:2)

Serbia: Subotic 6, Vico 4, Stojanovic 3, Mandic 3, Asanovic 2, S. Rasovic, Lazic.
South Africa: Spencer 2, Stewart.

Croatia 15:10 USA
(3:2, 4:2, 3:3, 5:3)

Croatia: Vukicevic 4, Fatovic 3, Macan 2, Buslje 2, Garcia 2, Loncar, Milos.
USA:Bowen 3, Woodhead 2, Hooper, Obert, Cupido, Stevenson, Irving.

Schedule for Wednesday(12 September)

Australia – Hungary (16:00)
Serbia – USA (17:30)
Croatia – South Africa (19:00)
Germany – Japan (20:30)

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