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FINA to debate about the new project of rules changes to fit the Tokyo Olympics

A series of meetings about the future of water polo will continue next weekend.

FINA has convened a meeting which will be held in Barcelona next weekend.

According to unofficial information, a topic of discussion will be a new FINA project of reforming of water polo. Some of the top water polo coaches have been invited, Gianni Lonzi, the most important person in the world of water polo, and Marco Birri, LEN Water Polo director, should also attend the meeting in Barcelona. The hosts of the meeting will be members of the FINA Technical Water Polo Committee and the FINA Bureau.

FINA wants to find possible consensus about reforming water polo in the near future and for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Our unofficial source found out that after a two-day meeting, a list of proposals of changes in the rules will be presented to a more comprehensive water polo convention. Next step is debating the prepositions at a convention. After that, a list of possible changes in the rules of water polo will be presented to water polo governing bodies around the world, national, continental federations… for the purpose of experimenting with these rules in all countries.

The end of the project should be a voting the experimental rules by the FINA Congress after the 2018 calendar year. If the FINA Congress gives “a green light” new rules will be adopted for the next two seasons, including the 2020 Olympic Games too.

There has been a “lot of fire” about rules changes in the past few years, especially in the past seven-eight months. Because of that FINA has postponed debates and possible changes to the rules. Meanwhile, International Olympic Committee has included 11-players rosters in the program of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The members of the FINA Bureau and Technical Water Polo Committee will negotiate with IOC
about an addition to rules of 11-players roster. The idea is to allow water polo teams to bring two more players in Tokyo, but they would be accommodated outside the Olympic Village and they could replace only injured members of the 11-players team.

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