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Ferencvaros wins the cup after 21 years!

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Ferencvaros water polo club is the winner of the Hungarian cup! Fradi beat Miskolci 10:4 in the final game of the Final four tournament held on the Komjadi swimming pool in Budapest.

The Budapest club won its 18th cup trophy in club history and also the first since 1997 so it was a big day for Fradi’s fans.

Once again Denes Varga was the man of the match because he scored half of the total of Ferencvaros goals today.

It was Varga who opened the scoresheet in the big final, but Bowen managed to equalize. Varga continued and found the net one more time, Bedo answered the same way, but by the end of the first period, Ferencvaros scored two more goals thanks to Aaron Younger and Nikola Jaksic.

The second quarter was dominated by defensive play on both sides of the swimming pool. But Ferencvaros was also better in this part and ended the first half with a 6:3 lead.

Ferencvaros defense continued to create big problems for Miskolci water polo players, while Varga and Younger found the net to give the favorite an 8:4 advantage before the start of the final period.

And in those eight minutes, it was just a matter of routine for the defending Hungarian champion. Tomas Sedlmayer had the honor to close the game with two consecutive goals and the party in Budapest could begin.
“This is the triumph of teamwork, the work that everyone is doing. This is the most important part of our game. Of course, there are always decisive players, but not a team. Of course, it is a fact that Varga has been playing very well lately. But the main point is that we won the” said Zsolt Varga, head coach of the Ferencvaros.

Denes Varga, the man of the match:
“I enjoyed these two days. This was confirmation that I could still do well “, said Dénes Varga, who also scored five goals against OSC in the semifinal of the Final Four.

Hungarian cup


OSC 7:11 Ferencvaros
(3:2, 1:5, 2:3, 1:1)

OSC: Manhercz 2, Randjelovic 2, Brguljan, Kovács, Hárai
Ferencvaros: Varga 5, Younger 2, Pohl, Vámos, Mitrovic, Német

BVSC 8:9 Miskolc
(2:2, 3:3, 2:3, 1:1)

BVSC: Torok 2, Létay 2, Csapó, Pásztor, Mészáros, Sugar
Miskolc: Stojanovic 4, Lőrincz 2, Bowen, Misic, Bedő


Ferencvaros 10:4 Miskolc
(4:2, 2:1, 2:1, 2:0)

Ferencvaros: Varga 5, Younger 2, Sedlmayer 2,
Miskolc: Bowen 2, Bedo, Stojanovic

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