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Ferencvaros and Verona to play for the Euro Cup trophy

February 2018
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Ferencvaros water polo club made a huge step towards defending the trophy in the Euro Cup. Fradi booked a place in another final of this competition after beating Miskolci one more time in the semifinal.

This time it was 13:8 in Miskolci. The other finalist is Italian team of Verona, who was victorious at home against Marseille – 11:10.

Fradi came to Miskolci with a four goals advantage from the first game (13:9) and once more showed that it is a better team.

The visiting team started the game with some confidence, dictating the tempo and rhythm. Sziranyi opened the game with a goal, but Bowen soon equalized. Varga and Nemet scored for Ferencvaros, but Berta found the net two times and Miskolci equalized before the end of the first quarter.

It seemed like the home team gained the control of the game in the second quarter. Bowen and Misic gave Miskolci advantage, but Ferencvaros was ready to answer with goals from Jansik and Manhercz.

In the third quarter, Miskolc continued to purchase the deficit from the first game. Once more Misic and Berta were the most successful in front of the Ferencvaros’s goal, but Varga didn’t let Miskolc brake away.

Three seconds before the end of the third period Varga gave Ferencvaros the first lead after a long time (9:8). And, that was obviously the key moment in the game because Miskolci never recovered afterward.

Ferencvaros didn’t concede a single goal and scored four times in the last quarter to confirm the place in the final of Euro Cup.

In the other semifinal duel, BPM Verona had a two-goal advantage from the first game in Marseille (11:9). Neither of the teams dominated in the opening quarter which finished 3:3.

But, in the second quarter, Marseille put a gear up and, as time went by, revived its hopes of a going into the final. In just two minutes Vukicevic and Djurdjic scored three goals and gave the visiting team a much desired 7:4 lead.

That woked up the home team which scored through Blary in the finish of the second period and twice (Mirarchi and Luongo) at the start of the third quarter to equalize.

After that Drasovic and Fondelli found the net, while Baraldi added one more at the start of the last period and Verona got a huge 10:7 lead.

Marseille managed only to minimize the defeat, while the Italian team got a chance to fight for the first international trophy in history.

The first match of the final will be played on 31st of March in Budapest, and the second leg is scheduled for 18th of April in Italy.

Euro Cup, semifinal

Second matches

Miskolci 8:13 Ferencvaros
(3:3, 2:2, 3:4, 0:4)

Miskolci: Berta 3, Bowen 2, Misic 2, Santa
Ferencvaros: Varga 4, Sziranyi 2, Sedlmayer, Manhercz, Vamos, Nemet, Pohl, Jansik, Mitrovic

Banco BPM SM Busto 11:10 CN Marseille
(3:3, 2:4, 4:0, 2:3)

Busto: Petkovic 2, Di Somma, Blary, Figlioli, Fondelli, Drasovic, Mirarchi, Luongo, Baraldi, Valentino
Marseille: Djurdjic 4, Vukicevic 4, Constantin-Bicari, Kovacevic

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