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Ferencvaros throws the first punch in the final

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Ferencvaros water polo club made a huge step towards winning the first championship title in Hungary in the last 18 years. Fradi beat visiting Szolnok 12:9 in the first match of the playoff finals.

As Szolnok coach Sandor Cseh anticipated, Ferencvaros played aggressively since the first second of the game which was played at Komjadi swimming pool. Truth be told, Szolnok had some problems arriving at the game because of the traffic jam in Budapest. But in the end, that definitely did not decide the winner of this match.

Fradi’s head coach Zsolt Varga and his team, unlike their rivals, had more than two weeks since their last official game, so there was time to prepare well for the defending Hungarian and European champion.

Also, this was Ferencvaros first appearance in the championship final since 2000. and they really had a great support from the stands.

But, despite all that, it was the visiting team which started the game in a great mood. Tamas Mezei opened the scoring sheet and Bence Batori gave Szolnok a 2:0 lead. Denes Varga answered for Ferencvaros, but the visiting team continued to control the game.

Thanks to Andrija Prlainovic’s brace the defending champion got to a 4:2 advantage at the start of the second quarter. But as time passed by, Ferencvaros’s defense started to do some serious damage to Szolnok’s attack.

Since the beginning of the third quarter, everything changed at the swimming pool. Denes Varga gave Ferencvaros a first lead in the match, while Szilard Jansik made it 7:5 for the hosts.

When Slobodan Nikic took it to 8:5, it was more than clear that the home team has a great momentum. Fradi even had a four goals advantage (9:5) after Stefan Mitrovic found the net, but Szolnok tried to come back.

Three and a half minutes before the end of the game Prlainovic cut the deficit to 10:8, but then Ferencvaros quickly answered with two goals from Marton Vamos and Denes Varga so the victory was in their bag.
The second match of the big final will be played on Wednesday in Szolnok.


FTC 12:9 Szolnok 12:9
(2:3, 3:2, 4:2, 3:2)

Ferencvaros: Varga Dénes 4, Mitrovic 3, Nikic 2, Madaras, Jansik Sz., Vámos
Szolnok: Prlainovic 3, Younger 2, Mezei, Bátori, Cuk, Zalánki

3rd place

Eger 11:5 OSC
(2:0, 3:3, 4:1, 2:1)

Eger: S. Rasovic 5, Hárai 2, Vlachopoulos 2, Hosnyánszky, Avramovic
OSC: Burián 2, Erdélyi, Hegedüs, Juhász Zs

5th place

BVSC 9:8 Miskolc
(2:1, 4:3, 0:2, 3:2)

BVSC: Pásztor 2, Létay 2, Kovács, Mészáros, Csapó, Czigány, Török
Miskolc: Bowen 3, Misic 2, Berta, Nagy, Kuzmenko

7th place

Honved 10:9 Debrecen
(1:3, 1:4, 5:0, 3:2)

Honved: Manhercz Á. 3, Kiss B, Kiss G, Simon R, Simon A, Illés, Irmes, Balakirjev
Debrecen: Boros 3, Macsi, Szőke, Smitula

11th place

Vasas 8:7 Szentes
(2:0, 1:1, 3:2, 2:4)

Vasas: Bencz 3, Bóbis 2, Sélley-Rauscher, Marnitz, Steinmetz Á
Szentes: Somogyi 3, Nagy 2, Hegedűs, Pellei

13th place

Domino Avus 11:6 Tatabanya
(2:2, 2:2, 3:1, 4:1)

Domino Avus: Basara 5, Juhász 2, Garancsy, Baj, Ekler, Kurucz
Tatabanya: Kolozsi 3, Szentesi Á., Katonás, Kolarik

UVSE 11:5 Szeged
(4:1, 2:0, 2:2, 3:2)

UVSE: Vogel 4, Korényi 3, Dala 2, Keresztúri, Baksa
Szeged: Irmes, Fodor, Börcsök, Mekkel, Mickic

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