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Ferencvaros is one step away from the title!

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Ferencvaros water polo club is just one step away from winning the title in the Hungarian championship for the first time since 2000! Fradi won away against Szolnok – 14:9 and now has a 2:0 lead in the final series.

And one more time it was Zsolt Varga’s masterful tactic that opened the door for a big and important victory to Ferencvaros.

The Budapest giant will have a first chance to win the championship on Saturday when it’s going to host Szolnok one more time in the series.

It is obvious from these first two games that we are witnessing the shift of power in Hungarian championship as Ferencvaros looks invincible at the moment. The atmosphere in Szolnok swimming pool was great, as both teams had a support from the stands. And it really should be like that in the finals.

In this kind of atmosphere surprisingly, it was the away team from Budapest which settled in better. Nikola Jaksic and Denes Varga scored two quick goals at the beginning to give Ferencvaros an early confidence boost.

Gergo Zalanki opened the scoring sheet for Szolnok, Marton Vamos answered immediately and then we saw two more goals on both sides (Aleksic and Nikic) before the end of the first period which Ferencvaros won 4:2.

Aaron Younger cut the deficit to 4:3 at the beginning of the second quarter, but Ferencvaros never really lost a control of the game. Varga scored another one (5:3), then Younger again, while Jaksic gave the visiting team a 6:4 advantage.

When Milos Cuk scored the fifth goal for Szolnok, it seemed that the defending champion could come back to this game. But it was only a false impression. Before the end of the first half, Vamos and Jaksic netted a goal each and Fradi was up by three (8:5).

And the way Ferencvaros played at the start of the third quarter was for the water polo textbooks. The defense was like a brick wall, while offensively, they were patient and calm. Stefan Mitrovic scored a brace, Denes Varga added one more goal and it was a gigantic 11:5 lead for the visitors.

By this time, it was more or less clear that Ferencvaros was heading towards victory. Zivko Gocic and Prlainovic tried to shake the things a little bit, but Slobodan Nikic, Norbert Madaras and, of course, Varga didn’t let any kind of surprise.


Szolnoki 9:14 Ferencvaros
(2:4, 3:4, 1:3, 3:3)

Szolnok: Younger 3, Cuk 2, Zalánki, Gocic, Aleksic, Prlainovic,
Ferencvaros: Varga Dénes 4, Jaksic 3, Vámos 2, Mitrovic 2, Nikic 2, Madaras

3rd place

OSC 7:9 Eger
(1:3, 1:4, 1:2, 4:0)

OSC: D. Brguljan 2, Kovács, Salamon, Ubovic, Burián, Tóth
Eger: S. Rasovics 4, Kovács 2, Hárai, Hosnyánszky, Vlachopoulos

5th place

Miskolc 12:10 BVSC
(4:3, 3:2, 3:3, 2:2)

Miskolc: Nagy 5, Milicic 2, Bowen 2, Berta, Jakab, Vadovics
BVSC: Létay 3, Mészáros 2, Ambrus, Csapó, Czigány, Török, Pásztor

7th place

Debrecen 12:13 Honved
(3:4, 4:2, 3:4, 2:3

Debrecen: Boros 5, Vidovics 2, Szőke, Kállay, Fekete, Smitula, Gyurik
Honved: Szivós 3, Gyárfás 3, Kiss 2, Simon 2, Illés 2, Irmes P.

11th place

Szentes 11:3 Vasas
(2:0, 1:1, 4:1, 4:1)

Szentes: Nagy 2, Pellei K. 2, Takács, Hegedűs, Pellei F, Kiss, Somogyi, Vörös, Tóth
Vasas: Bencz, Marnitz G, Simon


Tatabanya 11:14 Domino Avus
(1:2, 2:4, 4:4, 4:4)

Tatabanya: Kolozsi 5, Kolarik 2, Kalanovic, Szentesi, Fazekas, Katonás
Domino Avus: Kiss 4, Garancsy 3, Takács 2, Basara 2, Polovic, Ekler, Sági

Szeged 6:13 UVSE
(0:3, 3:2, 2:6, 1:2)

Szeged: Lakatos 2, Szilvasán, Korbán, Irmes, Börcsök
UVSE: Vogel 2, Keresztúri 2, Knézy 2, Korbács 2, Dala 2, Tóth, Korényi, Vigvári

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