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Ferencvaros ends the 18 year drought!

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The 18 years long agony is over – Ferencvaros is the new water polo champion of Hungary. Zsolt Varga’s team won the decisive fifth match of final series against visiting Szolnok – 8:7 to claim its first national title since 2000. and 22nd in the club history.

Also in this way, Ferencvaros finished a great season with a double, because earlier they defended the trophy in the LEN Euro Cup.

Today both teams played a great game, but, unfortunately, one of them had to lose. And it was Szolnok who didn’t manage to deal with the pressure in the end.

Ferencvaros opened the game with a goal from Nikola Jaksic, but the visiting team answered very quickly thanks to Andrija Prlainovic.

Daniel Varga left Fradi on top with another goal at the half of the first quarter, while Gergo Zalanki didn’t let the home team get away on the scoreboard. Stefan Mitrovic netted his first goal two minutes before the end of the period, but his compatriot from Szolnok, Milos Cuk answered just 30 seconds later.

And just six seconds before the end of the first quarter Milan Aleksic gave the advantage to Szolnok for the first time in the game.

The visiting team was also better at the start of the second quarter and Aaron Younger scored the fifth goal for Szolnok. Norbert Madaras made it 4:5, but then again Batori Bence left the visitors with two-goal plus.

And after that, Ferencvaros woke up and scored two goals in just 40 seconds. First, it was Marton Vamos, then Daniel Varga equalized before the end of the first half.

The second half was totally different than the first one. And it was a defense that decided the winner. The only goal in the third quarter was scored by Daniel Varga who was definitely a player of the game.

And then in the last quarter, it was one great defensive play after another. It seemed that both teams could play like that a whole day. But, a minute and 48 seconds before the end, Norbert Madaras finally found a whole in Szolnok’s wall to put Fradi a front 8:6.

Andrija Prlainovic put Szolnok on just one goal deficit a minute and 19 seconds to the final whistle. But in the final attack, Mitrovic managed to steal the ball and the big party in the swimming pool could begin!


Game 5

Ferencvaros 8:7 Szolnok
(3:4, 3:2, 1:0, 1:1)

Ferencvaros: Varga Daniel 3, Madaras 2, Vamos, Jaksic, Mitrovic
Szolnok: Prlainovic 2, Batori, Cuk, Younger, Zalanki, Aleksic

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