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Ferencvaros defends the Euro Cup trophy

What a glorious night for Ferencvaros water polo club. The Budapest giant defended the trophy of the LEN Euro Cup after another win against Italian team of BPM Verona! This time Ferencvaros won away 8:5 and celebrated one more big success in the season in which the main goal is winning the Hungarian water polo championship.

Also, this means that Ferencvaros will once more play for the LEN Supercup trophy against the future winner of the Champions league. This Euro Cup season will be remembered by the fact that Ferencvaros had a perfect record with 15 wins.

Fradi came to Italy with a one goal advantage from the first game (9:8), but showed tonight that real champions don’t make a difference between playing at home court or away.

The Hungarian team played a fantastic game and the hosts could not match either Márton Vámos or Norbert Madaras. Fradi starter well with Balazs Szirany finding the net. Very quickly Vamos scored and after that Madaras also placed the ball in the right place. Already after the first eight minutes, Ferencvaros had a 4:1 lead.


Verona woke up in the second quarter in which Valentino Gallo and Cristiano Mirarchi scored and cut Ferencvaros lead to 4:3. The third quarter brought us some good defensive display on both sides, which obviously was going in Ferencvaros direction.

The final eight minutes began with a quick goal – Slobodan Nikic did it, Jansik continued and Denes Varga finished it so the big celebration could begin.

All in all, this was an eight European trophy for Ferencvaros in club’s history and now the Green and whites can concetrate on the finish of the Hungarian championship.

At the moment Fradi is tied neck and neck with Szolnok at the top spot in the standings. And they are not going to have much time to celebrate, because the championship will continue at the weekend.

Verona 5:8 Ferencvaros
(1:4, 2:0, 1:1, 1:3)

Verona: Petkovic 2, Gallo, Mirarchi, Baraldi
Ferencvaros: Jansik Sz 2, Varga Dénes 2, Madaras, Vámos, Szirányi, Nikic.

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