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Fantasy Expert: Warriors continue where they left off

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Dragan Jovanović’s Warriors are off to an explosive start again for this year of Fantasy Expert. After two completed rounds, they have 48.34 points and the major contributors are Garcia (11.00), Gounas (10.17) and Nagy (8,78).

Last year’s winner Dragan Jovanović and his team Warriors got the most points in the first two rounds, 48.34 points. A big disbalance between teams has enabled some players to gather a large amount of points. So the Hungarian goalkeeper Nagy against Georgia managed to rack up 6.58 points, the Greek left field player Gounas got 6.98 points and the Croatian right field player Garcia got 6.28 points, both against Turkey who currently has a lack of performance in the pool (and judging by the fantasy points too), is positioned at the 16th position on the ladderboard, last place. All their players in two games achieved only 23.18 points, and from these points 14 are from just being in the pool.

On second place, Elvis Fatović, with his team Bronte Lizards stands with 45.69 points. Ivović (10.36 points), Vukičević (10.08) and Nagaev (9.25) are the dynamic trio of this team. In the first round on the Bronte Lizards’ goal was Miloš Šćepanović who wasn’t defending, so Fatović lost some points there. The Goalkeeper position currently is the deciding factor between the first and second place (a 8.76 to 1.46 point difference).

Third place, Jure Marelja and his team Otpisani has accrued 43.30 points. His team is being lead by the Italian Goalkeeper Del Lungo with 13.65 points, a Croatian left field Fatović 9.48 and a Montenegrin right field Đuro Radović with 6.11 points. Jure lost a chunk of points due to players on the bench, so in both rounds, he lost 6.59, leaving Gerg Kovacs benched in the first round, Šetka and Čučković in the second, with whom he be in the lead.

The following 5 teams are in less than 3 points difference, so at the tourney start everything is still in the open. The last team Jellyfishes is a further 3 points behind. Slobodan Nikić is still waiting that his loyal aces like Filip Filipović and Gonzal Echenique go ham and bring him victories.

Let’s also mention the team Sharks that in the first round got last place, but in the second rached first place, amazing!

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